Aries aka Dinosaur aka Turtle (<--- because I'm so clever)
(born in 1999)

Tokidoki aka Toki aka Princess
(born in 2007)

Soya aka Tubzilla (or ChubZilla) aka FattyFattyFatFat (<--- say it out loud, it's fun!)
(born in 2007)

Isabella aka Izze aka Isa-smella aka Shark aka BratFace aka BabyKat (and so many more...)
(born in 2009)


  1. This is (for some weird reason) the first time I've clicked on the pets section. For all this time, I was thinking (don't know why) that Toki was a boy. Also I didn't know Turtle had a name besides Turtle. So, yay!

    1. LOLS! I hardly ever call him Aries, so Turtle is more his real name I feel.

      Toki is also "rabbit" in (Japanese? Korean?), which I didn't know, so sometimes people wonder why we named our cat Rabbit, ha. Tokidoki means "sometimes" in Japanese, but is also the name of the brand of handbags I was really into at the time. When she was a kitten, sometimes she would be in the mood to cuddle and sometimes not so it seemed fitting. Don't remember what Soya is suppose to mean.