What does "it's like a potato" mean?
This came from a conversation I had with my husband about rice.
Yes, rice.

We were eating dinner with the Japanese side of his family and they asked him if he still put soy sauce on his rice (they feel eating it plain is the correct way).

He said that he didn't have to all the time (meaning when he is with them. I think he puts soy sauce on his rice all other times).

They laughed and said "at least you don't eat it with butter!"

I cringed because that's how I like to eat my rice. I treat it like a potato. Just add butter (at least I don't put sour-cream and chives on it).

This phrase has become my go-to saying for moments that make sense (something that is simple and familiar) to times it doesn't make sense. If you ask me something, I could say "its like a potato" or "hot-dog" or "I know, RIGHT?" Conversations with me do not always make sense.

Like a potato.

What is a "butt-kiss" ?
My baby kat has a small skin tag just below her little bootie hole and sometimes gets little poops (about the size of a tic-tac) stuck on it. And sometimes she will sit on you while she has this lovely little stink bomb. This will leave a smelly mark which you may or may not notice right away. These are called "butt kisses". 

I now have the job of routinely checking out her backside and attacking cleaning her to get said little poop. My jobs are awesome.

What is Caturday?
I stole this from the website Fark. On Saturdays  they usually post articles regarding kitties. I adapted it so that I don't over saturate my blog with kitty posts. This way I can just photo dump ONE day a week, and readers who don't find my cats as interesting as I do will know that they can skip my blog on Saturdays.

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