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I'm Heather! A 35-year-old Silicon Valley native, and this is my blog It's Like A Potato.
This blog isn't about a Potato Farmer, despite the title. It's completely misleading, and I'm sorry about that. I made a FAQ page specifically to answer why I picked that name for my blog because even my real life friends were puzzled. 

You are not going to find very much about potatoes in my posts, it really doesn't come up very often at all. I do like potatoes, though. I mean, I kind of have to, right?

I picked this title for my blog almost seven years ago and sometimes I regret going with a food based noun. I should have learned my lesson a long time ago when I worked at a CLOTHING store called Eye Candy, and customers would tell me why is it called that, we don't sell candy. Oy.

So what is this blog about?
In short, this is a personal lifestyle blog. Kind of. That's the best definition I could find. It's currently just a really fun hobby to post my other hobbies like party planning, photography, crafting, and cocktails.

So...not potatoes.
No...not potatoes. But I do have other things to write about! My husband and I bought a fixer-upper home four years ago and have been making strides every year to make it a little bit better, a little bit more us. Finding the funds for the former and figuring out the latter is a bit of a challenge, though! I am not handy in any sense, and I'm terrified of practicing on the most expensive thing I have ever bought. 

Here are some posts on some of our progress:

Kitchen Remodel
Backyard Fence
Front Door

I have the honor of sharing my home with three kitties: Soya, Tokidoki, and Isabella. They are the sweetest little brats I know. I had no idea I was a cat lady until my husband insisted we needed kittens in our life. He always has the best ideas. I now also take care of four outside kitties, affectionately known as: Boston, Peaches, PianoCat, and Yolo. (Peaches is actually her name, we found out that she kind of "belongs" to a house around the corner. And Yolo was named so we can say "Yolo, Peaches!" because we are cool like that)

I also have a roaming "dinosaur" in the backyard otherwise known as "turtle" because, well, that's what he is. An African Sulcata Desert Tortoise to be more exact. I made a blog post about how I acquired him:

Peturday: My Turtle

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