Wednesday, August 9, 2017

When I take my photo vs When my sister takes my photo | I think I'm seeing a pattern here

This was taken a few years ago when my younger sister and I went to Santa Cruz for an overnight stay. I think she and Neil are in a competition on who can take the worst photos. I think she is winning. She LOVES to take photos of me mid talking/eating/making faces. Hmm, I think that changes the game a bit. She is doing it on purpose, because hello, that's what siblings do, and my husband is (hopefully???) not doing it on purpose. So maybe the prize goes to the unintentionally bad??? 

But I think I could at least be third place! I do like taking "good" photos and then taking really hilarious ones:


  1. Ha I love the serious then goofy shot - I do this too, I credit it to teenage days in photo booths goofing around. Your sister is definitely out to get you lol! My husband's lack of photography skills are genetic I think - his parents are legitimately the worst photographers I have ever seen!

    1. Maybe that is why I do it (photo booths)! My sister never wants to take "ugly" photos, the most she will do is like stick her tongue out or something.

      And you should hear my sisters laugh when she takes my photos, it gives her great pleasure ;)

      I think I have the bad photo taking gene, I suck so bad when people take my photo, and a bit less sucky when I do it. I don't know why! I get so weird and awkward as soon as I know someone is taking my photo.

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