Sunday, July 23, 2017

Sunday Confessions | 7-23-17


Neil had a little reunion of sorts with two high school buddies. He was so giddy all week in anticipation, it was so cute :) One had moved to New York and the other to Pennsylvania. They came over Friday evening so I had to spend Thursday night cleaning. But it's made my Saturday morning super chill because everything is done! Well. Except for laundry. BUT EVEN MY ROOM IS CLEAN. And I made the bed!!! It was a neat feeling coming home from work to a clean room. I cleaned it cause I wasn't sure if my friend was coming over as well and if we were going to hang out upstairs watching TV. I know this makes me sound like such a slob, and I really am, ha. Neil and I have separate bedding so making the bed feels silly but I'm reconsidering that stance...


The neighbors of a-holiness have been MIA. On vacation? Moved out? Except that car is still chained to the tree. But they had a huge mess on the curb one trash day... a broken tv, broken refrigerator shelves... And it's been at least two weeks of no car of hers in the driveway! PLEASE. PLEASE BE MOVED OUT. Or jail. My husband was the one that mentioned it could be jail. I don't care what it is, it's been great.


I need to buy new bras. Thinking of trying the size the bra calculator from abrathatfits subreddit calculated for me, which was 30D (right now I've been buying 32C). Either way, I haven't purchased any new ones in FOREVERRRR and I think they are starting to get a big loose on the band.  I haven't figured out all the other things they say you need to figure out, like the shape and spacing and all that noise. I just want to buy my bras from Arie by American Eagle ok? But I feel like maybe I should bother before I spend money...


  1. I confess: I don't ever wear wired bras unless I have to - mostly I wear Genie bras. So now wired bras feel like extra torture because I'm not used to them anymore. Measurements are so all over the place, depending where you go, it's confusing!

    Hope your neighbors are gone for good! We are getting a new neigbor soon I think, we shall see how that pans out...wish I could just live in a cabin in the woods at this point to never have to deal with neighbors again!

    1. No wire sounds comfy!!! Bra sizes really are inconsistent, such a pain. I just want to find the perfect bra and just buy that in black and nude foreverrrr.

      Still no neighbors :D :D :D Hope your new neighbors don't suck! I totally get why people hermit themselves away, people can be such a drag.