Sunday, July 16, 2017

Sunday Confessions | 7-16-17


What the fuck are kool-aid pickles, guys. WHY. Walmart apparently is selling some under the name "Tropickles" (I'm not going to lie, that is genius, give that person a raise) which some people in the comments were like why did they change the name, and hello, kool-aid is a brand name. Ugh. Why do I read the comments on anything. People are so annoying sometimes. And by annoying I mean stupid. Walmart isn't trying to act like they invented this shit. Omg don't make me be on Walmart's side for anything. BUT BACK TO THESE FREAKING PINK SWEET PICKLES. JUST NO.

(ha watch it be like my favorite snack in a few months and I'll be like omg you guys, where has this been all my life. and once that happens you know we are living in the darkest timeline)


I might be helping someone find their cat! And is it weird that I also want to be her friend :( She looks way too young and cool for me though. Sigh. I don't even like the movie Frozen but I was singing "DO YOU WANT TO GO HIKING" to the tune of that making a snowman song in my head like a freaking weirdo because it's not even the right amount of syllables. Okay, that's not the weird part I know.


  1. I mean, on the one hand Kool Aid pickles sound disgusting. On the other I am curious, because sweet and sour. Hmm! I doubt they will catch on here, they basically have two very basic and mediocre pickle types here, it's lame. I think making young friends can be a good thing, yes it's definitely a little depressing to be the "older" friend, but young people have more free time, most of my friends my age are kidded up or far away so I am happy to hang with anyone at this point!

    1. Oh, are pickles not a thing over there??? I'm always surprised at what foods are regional... like ranch dressing and rootbeer. Those seem so basic, ha. And now pickles???

      I'm not sure how to even try to be friends with her, right now its just the cat linking us together, and now I'm thinking it's not even her cat :( But I totally get you on willing to hang out with (almost) anyone, ha. I have friends, but they are either busy with kids/work/live far so it makes it difficult.