Monday, July 31, 2017

Personal Style Quest | Wardrobe additions

So I could only not shop for new clothes for so long, ha. I actually enjoy shopping (online) more than I'd like to admit, because why does my closet suck so bad when I spend so much time looking at clothes? Also, cleaning out my closet was only going to get me so far on my new personal style quest (yes, this is totally an adventure, guys). Once I figured out a few things that I needed, I got to the internets. My first goal of shopping for my new style was to nail the basics that I figured out from my work "uniform":
  • Tees
  • Cardigans
  • Pants
  • Flats
I figured that starting from a base then adding fun pieces makes the most sense, and then I wouldn't be adding more items to the "what the heck do I do with this" pile. And dang if I haven't already had great luck with this already! 
  • Old Navy | Pixie Pants: I almost feel like I should do a separate post on these! An ode to the Old Navy Pixie Pant... A girl at work recognized them and has the same feelings! These are AMAZING. I first bought a pair in black, and then as soon as they went on sale, I bought almost all the other colors in my size. The slim, cropped look gives an Audrey Hepburn vibe (in my mind anyway), and how can you go wrong with that?
  • Boden | Essential Tee: So many great things to say about this tee. It's scoop necked, fitted, and thick enough to wear on its own so I don't have to layer a tank/camisole underneath (I loathe bra lines, my husband is always teasing me about how many layers I wear). So far I only have one but have plans to buy a few in all the colors available once there is a sale.
  • J Crew/Boden | Cardigans: I already owned cardigans from both companies so this wasn't a new discovery, just a new focus. And by focus I mean buy all the cardigans in all the colors.
The only basic I need to figure out is the shoe situation. I'm lagging on this one because I actually have to go to a physical store to figure this one out since I have learned that shopping online for shoes doesn't really work out for me. Unless it's sneakers. And speaking of sneakers...
It isn't just my work wardrobe that needed to be re-done, I also needed to figure out my weekend/going out stuff. Which was never really that figured out in the first place, I have like ONE "nice" blouse that I bought six years ago. I still like the jean/tee/sneaker combo that I've been wearing, but wanted to update it to match my new style goal. My go-to sneakers use to be converse, but I feel like they look weird (on me) with skinny jeans, so back in January, I found these. I bought the black ones first and they were just so dang comfortable and cute! I now own the green pair and grey pair. Because you know me, once I like something, I buy it in all the colors.

And just recently I went shopping with a friend who was super helpful picking out a few other items:
  • Express Sleeveless Portofino Shirts: in cherry and lemon print. So flippin' cute! Depending on how these work out, I will be keeping an eye out for more prints. And since they are sleeveless, they layer under my cardigans just perfectly.
  • Versace Sunglasses: I've been looking for some black sunglasses since I've started wearing contacts again since the only black sunglasses I had were prescription ones. The gold bit on the side still has me a bit eh, but I really like the cat eye. I was a bit lost as to what looked best on my face and she directed me to this style. I think she is totally right! I bought them online because I found them for like half the price they were in store.
She promised to go with me to go handbag shopping because I would like to find a black one for work to replace the polka dotted one I have right now. I still love that one but feels too casual for work. Yay for a shopping buddy!

So far I'm very pleased with all my new purchases! And I think they all reflect the look I'm trying to achieve. For once, I really think I'm on the right track here. What do you think??? Do these items look a bit retro without the costumey vibe to you?


  1. Omfg I had no idea Saucony made cute jazzy sneakers! I wear Sauconys as my athletic sneaker of choice but I have to buy them in 'Murica because they don't have them here...except the other day at the gym a girl had on pink ones and I sort of accosted her like "Hi Nice shoes where did you get them omg I love Sauconys" and of course she probably thought i was nuts (she got them at T.K. Maxx, which is the same as T.J. Maxx, I still have no idea why the diff. letter in name)...anyway those are cute! I like your printed blouses, fruit prints are so fun! Good score with the sunglasses too! I want to see them on your face they look awesome!

    1. Saucony just has the cutest colors and they are sooo comfortable! I hope they keep making more color combos. I'm never brave enough to ask strangers about their clothes so I just stare creepily trying to sear the image in my head so I can google search later, ha. Your way is better.