Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Trend Alert | Likes and Dislikes

I spend probably too much time online looking through Instagram, various blogs, and Reddit. But since I do, I have started to notice a few things over and over. Now, I have no idea what items are trending up or trending down, so this is NOT a forecast for 2017/2018. Basically what I'm trying to say is don't get your fashion/trend advice from me, ha.

Trends I'm Tired Of/Don't Like/Don't Get: (and if you like/own these things don't think I'm judging you! Sometimes I don't like things until I see them in a different context then I'm like nevermind, it's totally cool and I'm obsessed now)

  • mid-century modern: Some of it's cool I guess, but it's not really my style. And everyone seems to be super obsessed with it. Why? All those skinny legs on furniture? No thanks.
  • ugly shoes (looking at you Birkenstock): These are not cute in any way shape or form. I'm sure they are very comfortable, but you are not going to convince me these ever "make" an outfit. They always uglify it. ALWAYS. (Okay wait, if your feet are really tiny, all shoes will be cute just because making everything smaller makes it adorable. So that is the only exception!). why can't we have comfortable shoes that are also cute???
  • weird sleeves on tops: Stahp it with the off the shoulder/one shoulder/ruffle shoulder everything.
  • unicorns and unicorn-inspired food/apparel/hair: I swear everyone has that pastel lavender/gray hair.
  • mermaids: I'm totally calling it, there is going to be a live-action mermaid movie coming out soon.
  • normcore: Think Seinfeld during his show Seinfeld. Otherwise known to me as My Dad. Who knew my dad would be so fashionable. He also wears Birkenstock's by the way. This term may have evolved past what I understand it to be by now though.
  • The Bachelor: I vaguely remember watching the first season with my sister way back but wasn't into it. Just like I've never been into any reality show. Way too scripted, acted by piss poor actors and heavily edited. How is this show still on???
  • avocado on toast: To be honest I've never eaten avocado this way but I'm not really a toast or breakfast fan to begin with. 
  • Beyonce: I don't get the craze, I just don't. I don't dislike her, but I don't understand the pedestal people have put her on.

Trends I'm Enjoying

  • marble: Dang I kinda want a white marble counter now for the kitchen. My husband just smirked and said "good luck with that" so I think I will have to settle for a platter or cutting board. Also, marble is much higher maintenance than granite and that is a huge negative for me. BUT IT'S SO PRETTY.
  • subway tile: I usually see this as a backsplash. I don't see this working for any of my bathrooms, though.
  • succulents: There are so many and they are just so cute!
  • macarons: Delicious and adorable, what more is there to say. Also, one of Neil's cousin's fiance has a macaron baking business on the side and we are hoping to get a super cheap discount on the ones that don't make the cut. I have yet to meet her, but you should follow her Instagram anyways, FOR ALL THE CUTENESS.
  • copper: Copper utensils, copper fixtures, copper accents... I love it! I've been looking into getting a copper bar set, but I don't need one. I could also be confusing copper with brass...
  • naked cakes: I love me some icing but I really dig the rustic, simple look.
  • athleisure: Wearing yoga pants but with a purpose kind of look. It seems so simple and comfortable, yet still fashionable. I would like to incorporate this look into my wardrobe somehow.
  • fake animal heads/antler decor: This is a good example of what I like.
  • pineapples: Yay! Each year they seem to just keep gaining popularity.
  • nailhead details: I wish I could buy a new couch right now before this style goes away. 

Trends I've Noticed But Don't Have Any Strong Feelings For One Way Or The Other:

  • crystals: Like actual crystals. Crystals for decor, for healing, for spa treatments. I'm leaning towards do-not-like.
  • smoothie/acai bowls: Instead of a cup, it's in a bowl. Like a cold, fruit soup.
  • food roses: Usually avocados.
  • smudge sticks: Those dried sage (I think?) bundles you burn to cleanse the space.
  • that ikea fur rug: This thing.
  • that ikea storage cart: This thing is all over the place in all the colors!!!

What about you guys? Am I taking crazy pills or have you guys noticed the same trends??? Or it could be that I just happen to follow people that are all into the same things. Would you sort this list out differently?


  1. I never know where to look on Reddit, once in awhile it comes up in a search and I wander on and am confused!

    I like this post idea! It's so impossible to kep up with the trends these days they are so numerous! But I am with you on the fugly shirts this season, they are so awful! I have not heard of naked cake but cake without firsting sounds liek a cruel joke to me! ;-) Plain avocado on toast is boring, but add some tomato and olive oil and it's a nice lazy, filling lunch. But definitely overhyped! I was reading the Jay Z twitter frenzy yesterday and basically people are crazy obsessed with a married couple who don't seem that into each other and play it all out in public, possibly for show/profit. Like why should we believe it's true? And how messed up is it that they do that so publicly if it is? It's kinda weid, I dunno!

    Um so I will differ with you on Birkenstocks, my flat feet love them, though they are ugly I will give you that! I am old enough to have worn them forever though, normcore is basically my life lol. I also like crystals, I don't know that I believe in them, but they are sot of addictive to collect, like a rainbow of rocks, I have too many but I want more! We don't have an Ikea near us, well I think tehy recently built one like 30 miles away but we don't have a car so I don't know about dat. :-)

    1. Haven't heard anything about Jay Z, but honestly I really don't follow celebrity lives very much! But that does sound weird to be obsessed with, of all the people to bother with.

      The Birkenstocks comment was mostly aimed at the fashion subreddit, that women wear them to be fashionable not just for comfort. The comfort part I get!

      For me,avocado's main purpose is guac, ha.

      I use the app Reddit Sync for my phone, the more I use it the less confusing it seems, but really my motivation was that my husband uses it so much otherwise I don't know if I would have bothered.

  2. Sorry I should have clarified I brought up Jay Z because of your mention of Beyonce... my brain skips! ;-) Would love a good guacamole recipe if you have one! I sort of mush it in a bowl and it never comes out great, but I hate supermarket versions.

    1. hhahahahaha,omg,i just had to google is jay z beyonce's husband BECAUSE I DIDN'T KNOW THAT.

      And I can't say that I've ever eaten store bought guac, that shit just looks nasty. Why is it so creamy!!!!

      So many different but good guac recipes out there! "easiest" is making pico, and dump that into some avocado and mix it about a bit. So I guess for me it would be Pico de gallo (tomato, cilantro, jalepeno, onion (red or white), garlic if you feel like it, salt, lime juice), then your avocado. can mix in a bit more salt (i like mine salty) and some cumin if feeling fancy. Alton Brown has a good guac recipe, and so does the pioneer woman. I've heard some people put mayo in theirs and I think there is a special place in hell for them.

    2. That sounds yummy thanks! And yes mayo in guac sounds disgusting to me! I love that you didn't know that, I know more about Jay Z and Beyonce than a person who doesn't even listen to their music should!