Sunday, June 4, 2017

Sunday Confessions | 6-4-17

I Confess

I'm back to trying to say "Yes" to all invitations again. I feel like I've been slipping in that department, letting my severe introverted hermit take over and I know from that, the more I stay home, the more I want to stay home. Other people would probably start to feel stir-crazy/cabin-fever, but honestly, I don't know what that feels like. Neil and I have managed to make some new friends this past year and I would like to continue to develop them. WHICH TAKES TIME AND EFFORT. THE CAPS LOCK IS FOR MY BENEFIT. 

I Confess

Mostly it's been because of WORK which I promise I will post more in depth, like getting the job and such, my draft folder has been creeping up in numbers again. I think I'm at 199, but I can't really blame it all on recent events, some of those ideas have been sitting there for a year. Or two. or three.

I think that's why I like the Sunday Confessions so much, I don't have to actually do anything else except type. No photos, photo editing, graphic designing, drawings, actually getting projects done...

I Confess

I totally got an awesome email from one of the doctor's! Or rather, nurse practitioner, but honestly I can't really tell the difference between the two aside from the title. Which really just reinforced what both Becky and my Husband have told me. Friday was A DAY. UGH. But getting that email and getting into the car at the end of the day with Neil's normal jolly self "all aboard the boat, toot toot!" was a good way to end the week.

I Confess

I was having this weird blog number surge for a couple of weeks, where my posts were getting 300+ views, and now it's gone. It was weird for two reasons:

  • I never get more than 30 views per post
  • It showed up in even spikes every hour

So I'm not sad it's gone because it wasn't genuine views, it was just perplexing. Also, it never showed up in StatCounter, which I feel is more accurate (my daily unique average is 7 views a day. I know, I've had this blog for HOW LONG and no one wants to read it, ha), it just showed up in the stats on Blogger.


  1. I relate to the hermit thing. My husband has no interest in making new friends, tbf he has a crew but we don't see each other very often anymore. Weirdly it has been me making new friends lately but they don't mix with the home life so we are still essentially married hermits! Which mostly I'm ok with, though once in a while I do get the urge to go out and he's all nah and I'm all (shrugs). ;-0 Glad your new job is going so well, look forward to hearing more about it! :-)

    1. My husband is extroverted and likes to do things, and after 11 years it has rubbed off a bit on me. I actually enjoy having people over and having bbqs and going to the movies and such. I have to remind myself that I stay home after work practically every night M-F which should totally count as introverting, ha.