Sunday, June 18, 2017

Sunday Confessions | 6-18-17

I Confess

Sometimes I go to the Rent the Runway website to look at how real people style the dresses... and judge their shoe choice. Did I confess this already? I feel like I have... I had a bunch of random confessions saved over several drafts so I just combined them into this one.

Not that I'm trying to claim I have the best fashion sense! Which is why I started looking at the photos in the first place: to see what other people have worn with the dresses because I can be unimaginative in that department. Then I'd see this gorgeous, delicate dress paired with chunky white sandals. Wut.

I Confess

I don't understand pitchers without lids. Drinking pitchers. Like, what if you don't drink all the contents? Do you pour it into a pitcher with a lid? Put it in the fridge with no lid? Ew. I don't get it.

I Confess

I'm seeing a lot of scoop neck/exposed back shirts and dresses popping up for summer. And I don't like it. What bra are you suppose to wear with that? 

I Confess

So Pinterest got rid of the "like" function and I'm not sure how I feel about that.

I Confess

When you write down some coworkers names to um lightly google stalk them and they have no internet presence. #iamthecreepygirl #doyouevenexist


  1. Pinterest is so chaotic and full of ads now I can't deal. I don't think we have Rent the Runway here, I would probably be the girl in the bad shoes as I can't wear real heels and always end up in some low wedge or heel that is not very fancy looking. My clumsy ass + wobbly ankles mean I will never be Carrie Bradshaw ;-0 I would be curious to see how people style them too though :-). Ooh invisible internet people, they must be internet ghosts/criminals! I have Googled myself and family members though and tbf not much comes up, my maiden name brings up like my Mom's address, also there is an author with my same maiden name (1st name is maybe different spelling, so other than my blog which is vaguely anonymous I don't exist on the internet :-000 Oh Facebook I guess....are these people not on Facebook? Yeah no back clothes stuff I haven't done since the 90s when I actually wanted the world to see my tattoo for about a nanosecond in time! Nowadays if I can't wear a bra it's a no go!

    1. When I say no internet presence: no facebook,no social media at all, no white pages, NO GOOGLE RESULTS. NOTHING.

      I understand needing some sturdy sensible shoes, but at least keep them a color that doesn't accent how much they don't jam with the dress. Mostly it just seems like they spent no time thinking about how to accessorize the dress, like they thought just wearing an expensive item was enough.But that's just me making up things ;P