Sunday, June 11, 2017

Sunday Confessions | 6-11-17

I Confess

Of course, when I CANNOT take any time off my teeth decide to be unusually problematic. I had a dental appt a week or two ago to fix two small cavities (I KNOW) and then a few days ago I was eating and I felt a sharp pain on a back tooth. I felt with my tongue and looked in the mirror but didn't see anything. I kind of forgot about it until last night after drinking a glass of water...suddenly my tooth felt weird... sharp... I look in the mirror and yup, a big ol side of my back molar is missing. What. The. Hell. I haven't mentioned it to my husband because he will just put more stress on me that I need to get it fixed. Hello, I already know this! But I have two and a half weeks more before I can take time off... and right after that, we have a vacation planned. But I'm not sure how long I can handle the sensitivity  :(  This has never happened to me before. I ordered three different brands of temporary dental cement because apparently, that is a thing. 

I Confess

I finally got my house completely cleaned from the memorial weekend, ha. Not sure why it was taking me so long. 


  1. Ugh I have been there with the broken tooth-can't they do a patch job or squeeze you in? I was freaking out about mine but it just needed a new filling. Call your dentist it can't hurt to ask what they think. Sorry. :-(

    1. Part of the problem is that my dentist isn't actually very close, so I also have to consider traffic/travel time in this... Like, I literally cannot take any time off of work right now nor can I go in with a numb mouth! So my dentist does open at 7 and I start at 8... I'm really hoping I can just manage until the 22nd when the other girl comes back. I did end up telling my husband, ha. He was like, um, we have to fix that soon, I don't want you getting an infection and losing your jaw.