Monday, June 19, 2017

Instagram Aesthetics | What am I

On Instagram, I've been tripping out on people's aesthetics, like, how they manage to portray their lives in a very specific way. The use of colors, props, backgrounds, and filters... I've given them these categories:

Pastel Princess

Kate Gabriel, It's definitely nothing I would wear or apply to my house, I'm really not big on pastels, but she intrigues me. She has basically consumed 1/3 or more of her parent's house into her pastel fantasy land. She had a bedroom upstairs, moved into an apartment for a few months (down the street) then after redecorating that into a pastel nightmare, moved back but this time into the second living room of her parent's house. She also has a bunch of things stored in the basement... and I have no idea what happened with her original bedroom... I love how she has managed to create income from her art though, so I'm not trying to be a hater over here, ha.

this girl is her copycat! She even made sure to buy the same rug for her house to stage the same exact outfit photos. So creepy. I don't follow her (one pastel girl is enough for my feed) but there appear to be a great many pastel lifestyle Instagrammers.

Crystal Witch

Abbigale (Gothic Elf version) I don't even remember how I found her. This is definitely the way I would have wanted to look in high school... All dark and mysterious and sexy. Yeah... my attempt wasn't anywhere near this lovely. I don't know anything about this girl, so feels weird following her, but I love her photos. It doesn't feel costumey or try-hard for me. 

Liz Marrow (Pacific NorthWest Hipster version) I feel like there is enough overlap between these two girls to combine them (muted palette, smudge sticks, crystals, incense, heavy eye makeup, general boho-vibe). Everything in her home in Washington was exactly what I picture every Pacific NorthWest home to look like inside. Lot's of wood and plaid and knitted/fabric things on the walls. She has also managed to create the same look for her apartment while she is living in Alaska.  She is also a "girl-boss" which I love. I really admire people out there that are creative and ambitious and super talented and have created their own businesses! In another life for me, I suppose.

Snow White

Madison Steward (The Real Deal) Gosh, she is just gorgeous! And not only is she lovely to look at, but she sings and sews and knits and bakes and who knows what else. Like, if they do a non-animated Snow White film, they would just have to film her real life.

Caroline (Purple Dream version) Her Instagram stories show more of her life, everything in her kitchen is retro and even her husband (boyfriend?) dresses all retro and they listen to oldie music on records and swing dance while they cook. I just love how she stages her photos, she is super talented. 

How do they manage to apply their lifestyle aesthetic to EVERYTHING they do??? Clothing, home decor, mannerisms, even vacations and boyfriends/husbands!!! Nothing is out of place, everything matches. How do they do it! It's so fascinating! 

Here's a fun game: Give me a category! How would you describe my lifestyle aesthetic??? I have no clue.

  • Crazy Cat Lady? I feel like I would need to wear more bulky/baggy clothes with sturdy yet ugly shoes. But I do have enough cats to qualify. And almost every room has a cat tree. And cat hair. That is everywhere. And there is a slight whiff of cat pee from the landing on the stairs, ugh. So maybe this one fits :(
  • NorCal Cool? I really have no idea what this means. It's not a phrase I've ever heard so I don't know why I put it. If anything, SoCal has the cool "California" vibe.
  • Boring Suburbanite? One of my cousins dresses like a "mom"... like, it looks nice and put together but you can tell right away that she is a mom. I feel like I don't dress like that. And I don't have any chevron print in my house. Or a shrine to wine.
  • Basic White Girl? I would need those Adidas shoes with the stripes on the side and some uggs, both of which I don't have. Oh and take a picture of my Starbuck's coffee all the time. But I don't go to Starbuck's but maybe once a year. Also, I think I would need some variation of "live love laugh" or whatever those signs say, in my house somewhere.
  • Silicon Valley Dork? This is what I would probably describe myself as but is that really an aesthetic that applies to my whole life? There is a lot of tech in the house. We both have a laptop, plus tablets, plus our phones, the PC upstairs, a mopping robot, a sweeping robot, a wireless camera/doorbell, Bluetooth speakers, and a million other things.
I need an outsider view that only knows me based on my online presence! Psst, that's you guys ;)

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