Sunday, April 9, 2017

Sunday Confessions | 4-9-17

I Confess

Hate to be vague (Because it's the WORST), but there are a few things coming up in my life that is STRESSING ME THE F OUT, but I don't want to talk about it cause it actually hasn't happened yet, might not happen, and other reasons. And these things, surprisingly, are not home related. Two of the main things (it's two main things with a bunch of minor things attached to them) are not even related to each other either. OKAY END OF BEING ANNOYING. About this anyway.

I Confess

In case you don't stalk me and read all my comments on other blogs, I had mentioned on Becky's that we found another water stain IN A TOTALLY DIFFERENT ROOM and it is a TOTALLY DIFFERENT ISSUE than the Weeping Wall of Doom™ upstairs. How it was discovered:

  • cleaning kitty potties in the spare room, I open the curtain for better light and as I turn I SEE THE STAIN IN THE CORNER.
  • assume it's the cat that has been peeing on everything because why assume anything else
  • throw a mini tantrum of frustration and yell at cat that isn't there because I can't actually yell at the little sweetie
  • inform husband that we need to go to the store and buy more kitty litter so I can completely clean out all SIX boxes that we have and maybe buy ANOTHER ONE to cover that corner (I was already in the routine of cleaning three of them once a day, the others once a week, and once a month redoing all the litter in all six).
  • spend over TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS at the pet store buying: plug in calming thing for cats (because her pee anxiety comes from dickhead Izze beating her up), huge sandbox (seriously, this sandbox could be used as a wading pool for an infant or two), six boxes of litter, and another plug in for don't pee here type chemical (idk the actual names for these products, Neil picked them out)
  • come home, Neil cuts a black trash back to line the floor and tape over corner before placing new kitty potty
  • I lean down in the corner to start taping and...
  • no smell.
  • shouldn't there be a strong cat pee smell???
  • get really up close and smell.
  • our help fix stuff guy immediately agrees this looks like a water leak from the shower in the next room
  • Toki loves her new kitty box
  • the end.

I Confess

My friend Katrina posted on SnapChat her mom cleaning the windows with her steam cleaner.

  • I didn't know people used steam cleaners to clean house (such a der moment) let alone windows. Shame confession: I don't clean my windows. I only visualized steam cleaners for clothes. Which I've never done either.
  • Her mom also uses it on her tile floor in a very long complicated process which I meant to screencap then I didn't. It went something like: steam the floor to loosen dirt. Mop. Steam again. Mop. Seal grout. (I think I'm missing a step or two!) And now I feel like a dirty duck because my tile grout is grody as fuck. I mean, I would never do all of those steps, but I realize that I have never really been taught how to clean. 
  • I think I need to buy a steam cleaner.

I Confess

In my inner monolog the past week, I've been using the word "duck" as in lazy-duck, dirty-duck, and I don't know where this came from. Both terms referring to myself, of course.

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  1. I always want one of those steam cleaners! Mostly for my dirty curtains (uh that sounds weird! window curtains). We have these high ass ceilings and getting the curtains off to clean is a pain, we did it like a year ago but it bugs me, and a steam cleaner would solve all of that - except I have nowhere to store a damn steam cleaner.

    So on the plus side your cats are all "Hot Dang we got ourselves all new stuff yay!"
    Hope your stress causers don't come true or aren't as bad as you think.

    I say "Fuck a duck" to myself rather often and I have no idea why.

    1. See, I haven't taken the curtains down to clean, I'll run the vacuum over them sometimes but not often.

      The cats are in LOVE with the new potty, they hardly touch the other ones now. Down side is the sides aren't that high and they are kicking litter everywhere.

      My husband is doing his best to help me deal with my anxiety so at least I have that :D I'll do a post soon on it.

      all these poor metaphorical ducks getting dirty and fucked ;)

  2. Ha ha this story made me laugh. Sorry.

    1. it's funny now, ha. and the stain hasn't gotten any bigger so there's that I guess.