Sunday, April 16, 2017

Sunday Confessions | 4-16-17

I Confess

Easter is late this year but feels like it came out of no-where! A coworker showed me a photo of her grandkids painting eggs and I was like, huh, so early and then it was like wait, Easter is THIS SUNDAY. WHAT. HOW. Time needs to chill a bit. This is what "old" people complain about, time moving too fast. STAHP IT.

I Confess

Easter is not very interesting as an adult. There's not much I can do with it, it's still a very family-centric, kid type pastel dreary thing. My order of best to worst:

  • Halloween
  • New Year's Eve
  • Christmas
  • Cinco de Mayo
  • St. Patrick's
  • 4th of July
  • Valentine's
  • Thanksgiving
  • Bastille Day (I've never even celebrated it but it must be better)
  • Easter

I Confess

Another "I Feel Old" thing: Keeping up with the new generations, cause my brother is a Gen Y but I keep thinking of current teens as the same AND THEY ARE NOT. My brother is going to be 30 next year so hello, totally not the same.
  • Silent Generation (Lucky Few)
  • Baby Boomers (Me Generation)
  • Gen X
  • Oregon Trail Generation (Going to shoe-horn this one in here)
  • Gen Y (Millenials)
  • Gen Z (Post-Millenials, iGeneration, or Homeland Generation... will be interesting what will stick)
  • (any guesses what this generation will be called... we kind of started late on the alphabet)
According to Wikipedia, there are more Millenials than Boomers! 

Also just keeping up with new slang is ugh. PopSugar did a SnapChat (which my coworker calls SnapShot, lols) on what slang was in vs out and I didn't even recognize most of the out. It just keeps changing and changing. I'm going to be that old person using outdated slang that is also too young for me, ha. "Hella" will always be in my repertoire though #bayarealife

Stay hecka fresh, ya'll

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  1. When did this Oregon Trail thing become a thing/what is it? I feel like a lot of Gen Y'ers sort of "pass" as millenials, they are the same in some respects. And it's kind of funny millenials get to be the olds now, make way for Gen Z you brats! I'm just a grandma, basically, so trying to be cool or understand anything anymore is a ship that has sailed! But I do have that weird thing of being childless/therefore not quite as adult as a lot of my friends. And I have never been on top of slang, always behind, always using weird dorktacular 2 years old slang, like since I was actually young. I remember being 23 and dating a 20 year ols and all of his slang was completely alien to me, but to this day if someone were to call me "Fly" I would take it as a big compliment! Probably a sign I am old that none of the recent slang appeals to me at all though - bae, squad goals, whatever, yawn. I found it really refreshing when I went back to Mass. last year and everyone still says "wicked" and "awesome!", usually in that order ;-)

    1. There are a few articles and even a wikipedia entry but here is one:

      Once I found out about the Oregon Trail generation, it was like, YES, THAT'S ME (1981) because I have encountered Gen X and Gen Y and felt like I didn't fit in with either (my brother in law being very Gen X and my brother and his friends being very Gen Y). (Also: Gen Y are the millennials, just each generation has so many titles).

      SLANG, oy. For me I've always been behind. I remember the first time I really "encountered" it was in my freshman algebra class, and these two guys I started crushing on were always saying "fresh" as in "that was hecka fresh" and I just remember sitting there like... wait, people really use words like that in real life? ha.

      I do feel like I'm not as "adult" as my friends with kids... again, I'm like this weird middle thing, more adult in most ways than 20 somethings, but less adult in a lot of ways than other people approaching 40. Plus with the fact that I don't look my age either I feel gives me some leeway, ha.

  2. Oh slang, you bitch. I have NEVER been good at slang, and it just gets worse as I get older. Not only do I understand less of it, but it has become less appealing. Like, wtf is bae? (I mean, I know what it's meant to mean, but it's just so stupid I can't get past it.) #gettingold
    I am going to look up this Oregon Trail generation and I think that I'm in it.

    1. Yeah, slang is only interesting to me to mock/say ironically/purposefully wrong. Thinking about using it right just gives me a headache.

      I feel like my two older siblings are Gen X, me and my one sister are Oregon Trail, and the two youngest are Millennials.