Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Watch | Eat | Listen


Day drinking
Ha, I legit laughed out loud at some parts, much to my cat's confusion.


Smash Mallows
I received a bag of the cinnamon churro flavored ones in my PopSugar box and they are so delicious! Neil was also surprised at the low-calorie count. I want to get the variety pack for summer, I'm curious how well they toast. Looking forward to some firepit nights once the weather warms up :) 


Lore Podcast
This was my first podcast, one of our friends posted about it on Facebook so Neil put it on in the car. He was listening to a few episodes first before sharing it, and it was a pleasant change from just music during our commute. It was fun discussing them after, and trying to figure out logical conclusions for some of the creepy stuff. We are finally caught up and just waiting for new episodes! I kind of want to find other podcasts to listen to during the drive to and from work now...

(And please remember I got the idea for this type of blog post from Forever Amber)


  1. I like this post idea! I have never listened to a podcast, I am that uncool. They do seem like a great idea for car journeys though! Cinnamon churro marshmallows sound awesome!

    1. This was my first podcast, so I'm only like a decade behind ;) It was nice because sometimes we can be stuck in traffic for 40 minutes. Normally we listen to music, make jokes, "yell" at the other drivers, so it was nice to add something else.

  2. I do love this post idea. If I ever do one, I will credit you and mention you got it somewhere else, too. ;)
    I have never actually listened to a podcast, but I know they are all the rage. How does one even go about finding a podcast?

    1. I have no idea how to find podcasts! I'm so out of the loop on that. This was our first one and it was from a friend through Facebook. I always find out about them after they are done, I think last year there was one called Serial or something? But that's only after it's already done and everyone is talking/writing about it on blog posts and such.