Wednesday, March 29, 2017

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We're all watching Legion, right?

I totally need to binge on this show once the season ends. So much going on! These are the only two dancing scenes, so far anyways, but it's still very interesting. If you aren't watching it, YOU SHOULD.


My husband needed me to sign some paperwork and showed up at my work with a Notary Public like one does. I jumped into the back seat of the car and he handed me a pen to sign and OH MY GOD. The pen wrote so smooth and fine. No smudging. And it was blue ink. I adore blue ink. So he gave it to me. I believe this is a link to the exact pen. Now I just want to get rid of all the pens I have and replace them with these. He says he has to order more because people keep taking his pens. 


Have I shared this website before? I always forget about it then remember how interesting it is. It's a website that shares bookmarks found in books. I love that they include the book it was found in.


  1. I have never heard of Legion - or maybe I have but just very little, because I can't even think what it's about.
    That website is amazing!

    1. These two videos are not the best at depicting the show, but I felt they were the most spoiler free... But to be honest, the show is SUPER CONFUSING but I love it so much for that. I have no idea what's going on, what's real, it's amazing.

    2. Going to check this some point. So many shows I need to watch. I am still only one season into Breaking Bad! (I get distracted easily.)

  2. Ooh that show looks weird and good! Is that Cousin Matthew from Downton Abbey?? A good pen is hard to find, I will see if they sell those over here! I will check out that website - I have this ongoing thing where I am worried about what is happening to the people who make bookmarks/what will become of bookmarks now that we do so much Kindle reading. I migth steal this blog post idea if that is ok, my brain is a shrivelled raisin with no ideas and I need something to prompt me!

    1. You know, I never watched Downton Abby? But the show is super weird, I need to rewatch the season to try to absorb more of what happened.

      Steal away! This is a post idea that I use when I'm out of ideas.