Sunday, March 19, 2017

Sunday Confessions | 3-19-17

I Confess

I think I'm going to have to do a post just on my neighbors and my yard. This week was... interesting. I mean, not SUPER interesting, I hate to build it up too much, but if you follow my Instagram Stories you know I planted some plants last Sunday. And my neighbor WAS NOT HAPPY. But I have now figured out her name, her mom's name, who owns that house, her facebook/twitter/instagram/linkedin account, her mom's facebook, her grandma's three facebooks, when she was married, what year she was born in and where she works. I KNOW WHO YOU ARE NOW LADY. Anyone who has googled someone knows this doesn't take so very much effort, but the fact that she has lived next to me for five years and I did not care to look (I casually looked her up when they put up a craigslist ad for the house last summer, but I only looked at the grandmas facebook because that is what showed up with the email address) and now I have should say something. I care so little for her, that I totally forgot their names when I was talking about her to a coworker a few months ago and wanted to look her up I couldn't remember. BUT NOW I WON'T FORGET.

I Confess

This week, in general, was not great, though strangely, did not put me in a bad mood. Let's start with super trivial things: on Monday I walked the long walk to the break room, heat up my food, sit down, start to eat, and my fork breaks. Dang. So I just gather everything up and walk back to my office to eat since I had more plastic forks there. Annoying, but not the worst.

TUESDAY. Oh god Tuesday. So my period started Monday night, and so the next morning I put on a pad. My flow is very rarely anything to be overly concerned about so I didn't double up (tampon and pad). You know where this is going. I change it four hours later and on the way to the bathroom I can feel that warm whoosh feeling, and it soaks through the pad and just a tiny bit the edges of my jeans underneath. I only brought a single pad with me to the bathroom but figured this should be fine since most of the work day is almost over. But there is still the issue of the other long walk for my lunch. I'll just eat my lunch cold in my office so I don't have to make the long trek to the break room even though I don't think the stain is visible, better not risk it. 

Because at this point I still have to walk back to my office, so a walk to the break room would mean:

  • walk from bathroom to office to get my lunch
  • walk from office to breakroom (this is a 2-minute walk at a BRISK pace, like power walking, I've timed it so usually it takes at least 3 minutes at a normal pace because I'm not going to power walk if there are other people around because that is really weird and makes people ask questions)
  • walk from the breakroom back to the office

But that is a long time to walk with someone behind me fast pace or not so rather not. So there I eat my cold beans and green beans and rice at my desk. Bleh but whatever. Two days in a row an annoying lunch.

STILL TUESDAY. Less than three hours later I adjust a bit in my chair and feel another warm whoosh, but so much more than before. Like A LOT MORE. Oh god. I had no time to comprehend what just happened to do anything. It soaked my pad, my jeans, and onto my chair. It was about 4:45, my husband would be there at 5:20 to pick me up. WHAT DO I DO. 

  • if i message my husband, he can't really get there faster than the 5:20
  • even so, I still need time to clean my chair
  • the walk to the bathroom is long, and even so, I still can't do anything about the big stain on my pants
  • i still have to walk down the hall to clock out, so why do that twice?

I wait until my two coworkers leave than desperately clean my chair. Luckily because I am such a slob, I have cleaner and a brush for my chair (usually for food smudges), and luckily the chair is black. 

To leave, I lower my purse strap and wear my purse behind me, and bring a magazine to put on the car seat.

My husband was very understanding but dang was that embarrassing :( The last time I made a mess was when I was 14 and didn't know my period was going to start that day and I bled on the stool in my science class. Luckily it was that class since we were doing a project and I had access to a sink and paper towels. I also had a sweatshirt to wrap around my waist. I know my poor (male) lab partner saw the stain and mess on the stool and looked mortified from second-hand embarrassment but didn't say anything to me.

But back to the present. The next day my period was very light. But I still doubled up. And my chair was stain free :)


  1. Oh man, fracking periods. Keep an eye on that if it gets worse, but it's probably just your body being unpredictable as women's bodies DO. Sorry you had to deal with that stress, that sucks! My bleeds are so light these days, but also erratic. I got my period five days early this weekend (I just started using a tracker in the past couple of months, and I'm like, hot damn is my period not remotely on a regular schedule), and I also only just realized that they stopped selling the lite tampons I like (thanks TAMPAX) because some ass decided that women with low flo don't need tampons. I just bought like three boxes at double the price on Amazon because they've actually been discontinued for a few months and I didn't know.Grrr.

    Um so what was your neighbor saying/doing about the plantings and how is that her freaking business anyway?! I love that you have "investigated" her lol!

    1. Yeah, I stopped taking birth control after a decade once my husband got his vasectomy and I've been tracking it on an app. It's hovering at a 31 day cycle, though sometimes it's 26 and once was 44. But this weird heavy flow is new! If it happens again (I will be doubling up in the future!!!!) I will contact my doctor.

      My neighbor is a hot mess, I don't know what her deal is.

  2. OH NO!!!!
    I'm so sorry that happened! That's THE WORST. Why are periods so awful!!!
    So so sorry.
    But I am looking forward to that post about your stupid neighbors. I love hearing other people's shitty neighbor stories; it makes me feel less like a nutjob. :)

    1. I'm so thankful this period mess happened at the end of the day, and on a day I didn't have to get up very much!!!

      My neighbor is so strange, I really don't know her story and I don't care. Just stay off my lawn, ha.