Monday, March 20, 2017

My Neighbor is an A-hole | But You Already Knew That

This turned into a long story... I decided to just start from the beginning to have it all in one place in case I have to refer to it later, I'll have dates!

I moved into this house in the summer of 2011, having bought it that March but had to wait for renovations before moving in. Facing the street, my neighbors to the right were an older, retired couple with two adult daughters and one grandson. The house to the left was a rental, with a few families living in it to manage the high rent. 

The house to the left has two driveways, one leading to the garage, and one adjacent to my property, divided by a long concrete curb. This long driveway is a bit narrow, and depending on how you park, the car doors swing over my yard and you might even have to step onto my grass to enter and exit the car. These renters would always apologize and try their best not to step on my yard. 
The next summer, the owner decides to sell the house. Or he died and his kids sold it, I don't know. Either way, it was on the market. After an open house, the house is sold (it is very rare for a house to stay in the market longer than a few months here). My husband notices a car in the driveway that belongs to the house around the corner. It's easy to spot because it has a personalized license plate that reads something like "love to hear." 

We had two kittens that liked to play in our yard and were constantly taking off their collars, and we figured out from the tag that these kittens also belonged to the Love to Hear house. We walk over to The House on the Left and bring the collar to the lady and we chat pleasantly while she tells us she bought the house and is going to remodel it because it was a disaster inside. She also asks if the neighbors are nice and pleasant, which we say yes, we've only been here a year but no problems.

A young couple moves in, my first memory of seeing them was a very large woman holding a broom and a guy in the driveway. The more outgoing and friendly of the two introduces himself to us and he is just over the moon at owning a home. His name is Marc and always waves and usually engaged my husband in conversation, I just liked to pet his super friendly dog. Later, if that dog would see me through my front window, she would wag her tail and get super excited, hoping I would come outside to pet it. Usually, I would, cause hello, dog.

At Halloween, Marc was all happy decorating his house which I felt bad for because I found out the year prior that there are no kids that go trick or treating in this neighborhood. Halloween night he and his wife set up a little fire pit and chairs in front of their driveway to hand out candy. I go over in my Mummy Doll costume to give them each a little bag of candy. This lady says nothing to me and I remember very little of the conversation except my baby kat came over to follow me then got distracted by the fake cobwebs he had put up and started eating them so I had to go rescue my dumb cat. 

House on the Left has a studio type room (it's at least a bedroom and a bathroom, maybe a kitchenette) on the side that has it's own entrance at the end of the long driveway, Marc and his wife park their cars on the other driveway leaving the long driveway for the renters. 

Marc and his wife have a ton of friends that are always hanging out in the front/garage, and various renters I can't keep track. Marc has a Harley, has a Harley group/gang, has a go cart he likes to drive around the neighborhood with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth, and is a tow truck driver. He is an interesting character, to say the least. He even brags to my husband at one point for getting a job at the recycling center in Gilroy for, get this, twelve dollars an hour. My husband, to his credit, congratulates him but SAYS NOTHING OF HIS OWN SALARY. Thank god. He could see how proud Marc was. This recycling job doesn't last long because after a few months, the tow truck makes an appearance in the driveway. The wife... I assumed she had an office job because I see her leaving the house sometimes in biz-cas outfits. I never really see her and I never exchange words with her.

Four years they live there and then the fighting starts. Well, the fighting that we became aware of because they brought it to the front yard. It escalates to him almost crashing her car and her throwing knives at him. From what I could gather, she was having at the very least an emotional affair that involved her sending nudes and he found out, forgave her, she said she would end it, but didn't, and he then he found out again a few weeks later. Since we know how little Marc makes, we think he is being so forgiving because his wife and her mom must pay for most of the mortgage. It definitely isn't for her sparkling personality.

So they divorce, they clean out the house (so much trash! so many bed frames! so many old school television sets!), they move out, a rental sign pops up. We check it out on craigslist, they are asking for $3400, which includes the little studio. The email address leads me to a facebook page of the lady we had met four years earlier, and I find out that the reason I think I haven't seen Marc's wife in awhile is because she lost well over 100 pounds and I suck at identifying people.
I mean come on, these look like two totally different people! 

A month later the for rent sign comes down, but no one moves in. We start seeing her car in the driveway. She has moved into the studio (I think she had moved into the I Love to Hear house and things didn't work out) and now parks in the long driveway. The rental sign comes back up, but now they are asking for $3800 a month, minus the studio. The craigslist ads specifically says the current renter is "quiet." HA.

Soon the new boyfriend makes an appearance:
And then in November, this makes an appearance:

We have a camera but only works if there is light, and this was done in the dark. It's annoying to be sure, but we let it go.

Then a few weeks ago, this again:
Oh hell no. I try to think of inexpensive ways to deal with this issue. The lawyers at Neil's work suggest planters with some cheap plants but I decide to buy a few plants but no pots (I feel like they would also just use the pots as ashtrays) that will hopefully turn into bushes, with small metal stands to support them. I space them so there is enough room for cars to open their car doors (because I'm still trying to be NICE here), but really, if they park closer to their house, they wouldn't need to swing their doors over my yard in the first place, they'd have to step *gasp* on their own triangle of a yard between their two driveways.

As I'm planting the last plant, she and her bf come out to get in her car. I hear her loudly proclaim "there's a plant here" to her bf, because I did plant one specifically in front of her car door to one) force her to re-park her car more appropriately and two) not leave any room for cars to drive through the plants. I only bought six and this is a long stretch of yard. So she totally knew, in broad daylight, that there were now plants lining my lawn. This was on Sunday.

Monday (3-13-17) morning, as we pull out of our garage, I look over and that plant and its metal stand is flat, parallel to the ground. Yeah, she either smashed it with her car, or stepped on it, or both.

Monday evening, as we come back from work I see that it is kind of propped back up so I think huh, maybe she didn't know she hit it that bad and tried to fix it.

Tuesday morning (3-14-17): The plant is still up.

Tuesday evening: The plant is still up but she and her mom are in the driveway and stare at us as we drive in.

Wednesday morning (3-15-17): The plant is completely smashed, and the metal support is out of the ground and in front of the plant, not on top of it. She or her bf pulled it out of the ground. So there is a mystery as to who picked the plant back up on Monday...

Wednesday evening: I come home, take a bunch of photos, set the plant back up again. Neil also asks me to move the plants on the patio so our camera has a direct line of sight of the plant.
Thursday morning (3-16-17): She is parked much farther up in her driveway, and closer to her house. So she knows we have a camera. And she totally doesn't have to park with her car door right up next to my yard. And she totally had room to move her car up and not smash my plant with her car door. SO MANY THINGS.

Neil has been wondering why we haven't been catching ant of this, and it turns out, they wait until they are out of the cul-de-sac before they turn their car lights on. So strange.

He also looks up who owns the house, and guess what, this bitch doesn't. Her name is nowhere. It's the lady... and other lady at the Love to Hear house that own it. Again, I suck at people. 

Apparently, TWO LADIES live there, not one. Neil was like yeah, the lesbian couple. I think it's a grandma, daughter, granddaughter situation not a lesbian couple with a daughter but let Neil have his Lemon Party fantasy (LOLS. This is a tease, he would give me such a nasty glare at that joke). So a lawyer at work said if any more damage happens, send a letter to the actual owners that they will have to start paying for damages that their renters are inflicting on our property. 

I go to town with those two ladies names online and find out in a few minutes all about Jacie Ross. She now has a name. Fuck you Jacie. Not sure if she sounds it out with a soft 'c' or a hard 'c' but I'm going with a soft 'c.'

Things I've learned:

  • Marc is already engaged to another lady.
  • Jacie was born in 1985 so she is YOUNGER than me.
  • She works for her mom. Of course she does.
  • Jacie and Marc got married the same year I did.
  • Not only does she work with the elderly, her last job involved working with special needs children. How does such an awful turd manage to work with the public?

Marc and his new lady.

My brother found some metal spikes that are a little over a foot long at his house (don't ask, I don't know) and comes over Saturday morning to add more support for the plants. Well, at first he suggested using all of them (he has a few dozen) to make a fence the whole length, but I'm not trying to make a tripping hazard here. He also suggested barbed wire and sent me an Amazon link, even though he knows it's illegal to use that in San Jose. He was like, we can make the best fence.

We compromise on three spikes per plant. These spikes also have holes in them, and he threads wire through them attaching them to the metal supports I had there already. I added the extra metal because I can't imagine that someone who was angry enough to smash a plant would be over this situation already. And I want to move my porch plants back to their original positions because they block our packages from the street. San Jose has a problem with package thieves and I don't want to be a target. So if Jacie and her bf decide they want to destroy this set up, it's going to take some time in the dark.

Hopefully, this is the end of the story but who knows. I will try to take some photos of the plants with the extra support, but if I'm honest, I've been avoiding going out to my front yard. I'm afraid she might say something then I might say something, and I'm not interested in it getting worse. I just want her to respect my property! But I kinda need to water these plants because one has died already. And not the one that has gotten smooshed.

Quick Edit:

So it was brought to my attention the living situation was a bit confusing, sorry!

  • A family of five (I think) rent the main house.
  • Jacie Ross and her bf live in the studio.
  • Lori Ross is Jacie's mom, I think Judith Pick is the grandma
  • Lori Ross and Judith Pick own the house and live around the corner.
  • All three women work at the same place and I think Judith is the owner
  • Jacie Ross doesn't own shit. Just wanted to put that out there again because it's so satisfying.


  1. Oh maaaaaaan. This sucks, I'm so sorry you are dealing with it. So let me get this straight - at present, there are two women living in the studio part of the house, and the rest is empty? Where does the boyfriend come in? I mean if she doesn't own that property I would go straight to the property owner if I were you, she has shown a willingness to destroy your property and that liability falls to the house owner I would think, and she is not going to want to have to pay out if this bitc - uh, person :-0, escalates. I hate confrontation with ugly ass mean neighbors too but you already have evidence of them destroying a. your lawn and b. your plants that you put up as a pretty border when you could have built a fence. I totally understand your frustration though, my Mom has the worst white trash Jerry Springer neighbors who are constantly fighting and yelling and generally disrupting the peace and the cops are usually there at least once when I visit and I find it super stressful and she just laughs it off. ANYWAY this person owes you a plant and is provoking you, if she is a renter I say complain, she has no respect for your property. Sorry :-/

    1. Jacie Ross and her bf live in the studio, a Hispanic family rents the rest of the house (I've seen an older guy, an older lady, a young adult male,and two young kids). Jacie's mom and grandma live in the house around the corner, their names are Judith Pick and Lori Ross. Guess I should do a little summary at the end with people's actual names!!!

      We have been following the advice from the lawyers from Neil's work, they lean towards the wait and see game then right away do confrontation. Now that we have all the info, any more damage will be addressed.

      And I'm so positive she doesn't pay rent at all,that she just lives there for free. Why would they charge almost 4000/month for the main part of the house, and why didn't she move into the studio in the first place. I think she thought she could live with her mom but that worked for a like a month and then she moved herself into the studio.

      She has been "good" so far at not ruining any more plants or driving over the yard.

    2. Glad to hear it has not escalated! You have a much cooler head than I do, I should probably never own property I would end up being on "psycho neighbors from hell" or whatever those shows are called if someone did that to my property! Good that you have lawyers giving you solid advice too :-)