Tuesday, February 7, 2017

31 Day What I Wore Challenge | Photos + What I learned

I can't believe that I actually followed through with this one, guys! 31 days of outfits, so many pajamas, so much the same. I have no idea why some photos look like I put a filter on them, the only editing I did was cropping. 

And I didn't start editing photos until the month was almost up so I didn't notice that the third time I moved the camera was the worst position. The way I had it set up first was the best, of course. You probably can't tell so much after the cropping, but it did make cropping them all a little harder. And I need to take more than one photo; on those days, of course, the photo came out blurry! WHY.

Here is the link to the Imgur album I made. Please keep in mind I work in a warehouse setting, it's dirty, it's cold, and I lift boxes all day. Now, do I think I'm a fashionista? Oh hell no. In fact, I'm afraid I'm kind of like this ladyfashionabletaut that GOMI makes fun of... If she were my friend, I wouldn't care about her outfits, they are perfectly fine, but they aren't... Instagram-worthy? And some of the outfits are a hot mess. Ahem. I should shut up. People in glass houses and all that.

Okay, back to my album...

My Favorite Outfits:

I'm glad that most of the days I put in a little more effort ended up being my favorites! Energy not wasted. I'm still not sure what my "style" would be called? I mean, the days I actually tried, because those days reflect how I would like to dress everyday. My graphic tee and jeans days my coworker calls my "cartoon outfits" ha.

  • having the mirror to look into was helpful
  • my bootcut jeans from Abercrombie are sloppy looking as fuck at the bottom
  • I have a lot of clothes from Abercrombie, do I really like their aesthetic that much? Or do I just really like their 50% off sales?
  • in general,  my "style" is kinda lazy/frumpy looking (to me)
  • I need to find a better, less cluttered place to take photos
  • cat hair doesn't show up in photos :D
  • taking photos every day made each day easier, I felt more relaxed in front of the camera
  • I can't wait until the dye grows out, when I pin my hair up it looks so fake.
  • I actually started looking at my clothes, and ironed things (mostly just the jeans) before wearing them, and tossed a few ratty things (holes, stains, general wear, ill-fit). How those things missed my attention on two closet clean-ups in the past year is anyone's guess! It wasn't a great deal many of things, just three or four, but still.
  • I would like to figure out the bootcut situation. Not sure if its the shoes making them scrunch up like that, or my pants are too long (I already buy the short length!!!). Need to try on the pants with different shoes and see what's up. And I have like five pairs of the same bootcut jeans, so I'm not just wearing the same pair over and over even though that's what it looks like. 
  • The cardigan + tee is an easy and cute look, I should keep that in mind.
  • I'm happy with my loungewear, but that makes sense because I actually updated that last year. I bought a bunch of leggings and plain tees/tanks to mix and match. The only thing I need is some comfy oversized cardigans to use as a robe instead of my everyday stuff.
  • I figured out that I should write down an item that I am "reaching" for while dressing but don't have. So far just the lounge cardigan came to mind. And more warm non-itchy sweaters. And basic plain tees. Okay, so a few things.
  • I thought I just needed to focus on buying a few new tops, but it looks like I need to re-focus on all of it.
  • I really wish I could find my core three brands, that match my budget and style, to make it easier when I shop. I mean, I love browsing, but when it comes to buying I like to just know that something is going to fit. Right now those brands look like Abercrombie, Old Navy, and Hollister.
  • I should look at the brands I really like, and figure out why: Boden, J Crew and Express. (Boden! I love so many things from there, but usually out of my price range. And how often do I really wear dresses and skirts? Funny to mention this brand, because even though I have a few items from them, I didn't wear any this month. Mostly because the items are summery. Hey, I should do this challenge again in six months...)
This has led me to create a (secret) Pinterest board to really focus on my style goals. I've been pinning outfits that I really like but also trying to keep my super casual lifestyle in mind. Also trying to figure out why I like those outfits (fit, colors, specific items), and finding clothes that are a match for the photo. So far I haven't pinned any bootcut styles... mostly because I haven't come across any. I think that should tell me something. Once I have that board more figured out I might share it and my insights.

I'd really like to hear your opinions and criticisms! I think I can handle it, ha.

Let me know: your favorites, your not so favorites, things I should toss, colors that are great/not great, and anything else!


  1. This is amazing you did this! You have a lot of graphic tees! ;-0 #notjealous I know what you mean about bootcuts, I feel like I can't let go of mine but they look like bellbottoms at this point, no one here wears them besides me and grandmas lol. Yours genuinely aren't bad though, you are rocking the Abercrombie! Have you tried GAP girlfriend jeans? They are like slightly slouchy but straight leg but not baggy (depending on which ones, I have two pairs and one have way more stretch than the other). Anyway they are good for comfort/ not super bummy looking, or bummy in the good way. You look cute in cardigans, you should definitely buy more! I love that you included lounge wear/jammies too, for real why do fashion bloggers only show fancy outfits, I am sure they change into yoga pants straight after! I like the idea of the private Pinterest board, I have way too many random fashion boards that have little to nothing to do with reality, I should do one too of stuff I actually wear lol! Anyway great job with all the pics, sounds like a good exercise for figuring wardrobe stuff out. :-)

    1. I really havent tried on any GAP jeans, I have some Old Navy ones pinned to try (the rockstar skinny ones?) and I might try American Eagle bootcut, I think I use to buy those...

      On the thread where people were sharing their albums, NONE shared loungewear/pjs! And all the photos were lovely and blog worthy, I mean, of course, they like fashion! I did not show mine there, I chickend out, ha. But I would like to see what other people lounge in, not just outside daily stuff!

      This month was helpful, I tossed a few things and I think I have a direction to go towards. Not sure what the end goal is per se, because I don't see my self never wearing graphic tees again, lols.

  2. Also yes to more green, and maybe some peach or coral?

    1. You know, someone else casually mentioned to me I had pink undertones. I should look into peach and coral! I do tend to go for more deep saturated colors, which can wash me out.

    2. oh, also thanks for going through the album, I know it's a lot of photos!!!

    3. I think maybe we are sort of similiar color wise, we both are pale with reddish hair/green eyes (I think!) and seem to like the muted earth tones. I am also pink skinned and I look much better in coral than baby pink or most pinks. The only pink I think I look ok in is fuschia, weirdly. I will figure out this color stuff eventually!

  3. I loved this! Great album! I know nothing of imgur or what it is or for and...yup. Late to the internet party.
    I agree with a lot of your favorites - that green LL Bean cardi/sweater is SO DAMN CUTE! Green looks very good on you. So does like red and pink - I noticed that mostly from your jammies and lounge wear, but it doesn't make it not true.
    Are you going to be doing this next month?
    Cute bag!!!
    And OMG - "My cat went to Space Camp." HILARIOUS! Love that shirt. ;)

    1. I'm thinking of doing this again in a few months, when it's warmer, to photograph the items I reach for when it's not winter. It really didn't take that much more time out of my mornings.

      My pjs are a little more varied in color for the tops because I bought them all in the same day and I could see all the colors I was buying, so I purposely chose more colors. If I just buy things one at a time, I tend to go for black... It's easiest to match. Trying to change that!

      Most of my graphic tees are kitty related :D :D :D