Sunday, January 29, 2017

Sunday Confessions | 1-29-17

I Confess

It's the year of the rooster! That's my year :) Though when I looked online, the superstition is that its BAD luck to be your year. What. So that made me think to look up all previous rooster years, and see if my memory was negative or positive.

1993 (water rooster) Let's see... I would have been 11 turning 12, so about the end of sixth grade to the beginning of seventh. Well, there was puberty and getting zits and my mean algebra teacher. So, maybe?

2005 (wood rooster) Started "dating" after a seven-year relationship. I put that in quotes because I was really bad at it and had no idea what I was doing and just settled for someone that actually asked me out on a second and then a THIRD DATE, even though after three months I was so. over. him. But was unable to really articulate that in my brain and lasted 8 months. Shudder. I really couldn't get past a first date most times so I really didn't have very many options. Not a great year, but I don't remember that year being really terrible.

So I don't think I have much to worry about! Fingers crossed.

Also there is an element that goes with the animal? So this year is the Fire Rooster, and I'm a Metal (some places say Gold?) Rooster. I Have no idea what that means. Also, my husband is the year of the Dog and we are supposed to be an awful match.

I Confess

I bought a new free standing toilet paper holder for the downstairs bathroom. It hasn't arrived yet, I just bought it last night, and even though I've been meaning to buy a new one cause the one we have has rust spots I can't get off and looks awful, I bought it cause Neil is having a SuperBowl (or rather, a Superb Owl) party and one person is coming that I feel is super classy and wealthy and I'm embarrassed by how worn some things look in my home. I also started weeding the front yard, and have plans to get dirt and plants next weekend to try to make the front look a little better. Again, was going to do this, but a bit later, but am motivated by shame. Next weekend will be full of deep cleaning!

edited to add:
OMG I went to strip the bed to wash the fitted sheet and pillow cases AND I SLEPT ON A CAT HAIR BALL. SO FLIPPIN GROSS. How did that happen??? I just washed my hair last night, too. UGGGHHHHH.


  1. I find that Chinese astrology always seems to say it's a shit year for me for some reason! (though I think this year is supposed to be...mediocre?) Plus I thought I was a rabbit for most of my life when I'm actually a tiger, so I have no idea who I am supposed to be lol. I'm Wood Tiger I think, my husband is a Dog and that is a better match than our western astrology (though I do think our western astrology is accurate, we really should not be together on so many basic things except we love each other so we just get through our differences somehow). We have a open ended toilet holder but it's facing upwards because otherwise the toilet paper shoots off the damn thing and is annoying. I hope your new one makes you feel fancy! Try not to worry about what people think but I know how you feel. Um hair balls are freaking scary, like how do cats go through life like that? :-0

    1. ha, when i was growing up my sister felt that she should be the rooster because she liked to get up early and I should be the monkey, so sometimes I still think my sign is the monkey.

      i hope my new toilet paper holder makes me feel fancy too, LOLS :D :D :D we have to have a free standing one because having one attached to the wall or sink is too far back and Neil says it's too awkward to "pivot" . I'm sure my worries are just in my head, no one really seems like the judgey type!

  2. There's an element associated with the animal? I am a monkey but now I want to know what kind of monkey.
    From what I've seen your house is beautiful and awesome, so don't let someone else bring you down - but I do completely relate & understand what you mean. I like to pretend the dishes are always completely done whenever we have company. 😜
    Also, there's always the terrible, terrible discovery that the bottom of the blanket has a dried up crusty hair ball and you're like "Ew! How long has this been here and why don't I make my bed more often?"
    Comics of this are needed.

    1. I usually only show the "best" and cleanest parts of my house, but thanks for the compliment!!! Neil says I just focus on all the negative parts too much, which is probably true. I'll just try to get everyone drunk so everything looks better :D

      You know what I'm really grossed out over? I don't think she did it while I was sleeping, I think the hair ball WAS ALREADY ON THE PILLOWCASE before I went to sleep, but my pillow case was tan and the vomit was tan... So I had to wash my hair on Sunday even though I just washed it Saturday and now my hair is super flippin frizzy today. Ugh.

      Yes, a "how long has that hair ball been there" comic would be great. I found one on the window sill on the front window, we very rarely open the curtains so who knows how long that turd looking thing was there for all the guests to see (we come home through the garage so I rarely go out on the front porch).