Sunday, January 22, 2017

Sunday Confessions | 1-22-17

I Confess

Remember last winter and our leaking wall? And we didn't know why it was leaking so the window guys came out and had to remove a huge section of the wall to figure it out? And it wasn't the window, it was the actual WALL so we purchased special paint to fill in the cracks that would stretch and shrink with temperature to keep it full? And the guy helping us out (You are the most amazing person Tom!) with painting had to take a break because IT STARTED RAINING THEN THE HOLIDAYS HAPPENED AND THEN IT STARTED STORMING? Well, even the part he made sure to paint that was this problem (there are other issues that have arisen BECAUSE THIS IS THE HOUSE FROM HELL. Apparently you don't get a sweet deal like this house without there being some serious caveats.) Well, it started leaking again. Not too serious like last year, where it started to leak through the floor into the garage, but enough to see from the inside. Neil isn't too worried and he is the one that actually deals with things getting fixed so really I don't have much to complain about except apparently, I LIVE IN A CARDBOARD BOX.

I Confess

Let's move on to the superficial. So my everyday handbag that I bought a few years ago has a tear on the inside, so I started looking online for a replacement. Marc Jacobs is no longer doing this line of handbags, which is why I got such a sweet deal on it unknowingly (unknowingly the line was being discontinued and unknowingly that it was an expensive bag, I thought it was originally 150 discounted to 80 but it was originally almost 300) so I needed to find an all new style/brand instead of just finding this one in another color, which in a perfect world would be the thing I'd like to do. So I needed to figure out what is it about this bag that I love so much. 

  • the size
  • it's fabric
  • it's a crossbody
  • it's a combination of slouchy yet still structured
  • it's simple yet interesting (with the polka dots, cute shape, hardware)
  • it doesn't look like a "mom" handbag
  • it doesn't look too juvenile either

So I found another brand that seemed to fit most of these points but not all (seems a little bit too small, the measurements seem to be smaller than the one I have now, but that is probably a good thing for me since I just try to fill a bag to the brim) but was out of my price range that I'm willing to spend on a handbag (they seem to last me at least two years, if I'm using it daily, so I feel 100 or less is a reasonable price. I would like to switch my bags more often to make them last longer, but I have a hard time finding ones I like enough to carry every day. I'm hoping this will be my weekend/going out bag and I will continue using my Marc Jacobs one as my every day stuffed in my desk at work bag). 

This bag was again, a 300 dollar bag, but then I found it on DSW for 115 in the raspberry color. So close to my price range! I would have bought it right away if I felt it was PERFECT but decided to wait to look around some more. THEN THE WEEKEND CAME AND THEY OFFERED 25% OFF EVERYTHING. I can now get the bag for $84!!! That's like over 70% off the original price. Please tell me this is a sign it will be my next perfectly awesome bag because I'm totally going to buy it. And I'm also hoping I love this bag because the brand has a lot of adorable styles.  I'm just not sold on the brand name: Kooba? 

That is a lot of words for a fucking handbag. But I've just really been putting a lot of thought into what I want my "look" to be, what is "me" and what I feel comfortable wearing and makes sense for my lifestyle (I love dresses and skirts but when do I wear them). I'm going to be very interested in some feedback from my January photo a day challenge of my outfits!

I Confess

How does everyone else keep their bathrooms so clean??? I've been to other homes, and your bathrooms are so flippin clean.
  • I must not spend enough time cleaning
  • or I suck at cleaning
  • or I'm like pig-pen and I just attract dirt, grime, rust, mold and little hairs
  • all of the above


  1. I don't understand why the wall is leaking independently, usually don't those things start like from a overflowing gutter thingy? That's what happened to us anyway. I found this article though that has a ton of possibilities!
    I totally relate to the bag thing - in fact my (much cheaper!) bag of about two years also has a hole in the lining too, I only discovered it when I put my engagement ring in it on the plane because airplanes make my fingers swell and then I seriously couldn't remember the frack it was because jetlag and was just about to tell the husband it was gone forever when it dawned on me tocheck the back and sure enough there was a teeny hole, and all sorts of crap floating around in there, including my ring! I also prefer a cross body that is neither too big nor too small (it's so hard to find one!) - fingers crossed you get the bag and it's perfect! I need a new one badly.

    Um my husband cleaned the bathroom this weekend because apparently I'm a filthy animal who can't keep a clean house (um yeah not his words, but totally the message I get when he does that - even though I hadn't cleaned it in a couple of weeks, whatever!). ;-0

    1. It's totally not the gutter! The leak is from the bottom corner of the window only, not the ceiling. The fixer upper guy looked and it seemed to be a small gap from the window where instead of the water going out the little draining hole, its being forced through there? But he caulked it and it's still leaking. A little less now though. And it only happens with the weather is super duper windy and rainy, not just rain. SO FRUSTRATING.

      Gah, I would have been so stressed not to find my ring!!! I hope I like this new purse too, I've gone though so many stages of handbags. I was really, REALLY into Tokidoki but now they feel too cartoony for me. I still love them though, and have them stashed away.

      I wish my husband would clean the bathroom! I hate cleaning it. That's probably why it gets so dirty. This time, I made sure I cleaned the downstairs bathroom first, before my other chores, so I wouldn't be like meh, and just do minimal cleaning. Took foreverrrrr. Plus I replaced the rusty metal shower hooks with plastic black ones. So much better looking now. We didn't have a bathroom fan until recently so that room has gotten too wet and all the metal things are rusted. So gross.

  2. Okay, so while I am very sorry to hear about the house troubles, I am also relieved to hear that I am not the only one who has to sometimes deal with recurring perpetual gimme-a-break-already! problems. :)
    So I am very interested in seeing photos of this leakage issue.
    Now: purse. I love that you call it a handbag. Maybe this is one of those "where you're from in the country" things? I should take a poll. But I think it's awesome that you wrote that much about it because IT'S IMPORTANT. I mean, you're carrying almost everyday and it carries your crap and you're in and out of it all the time. I love purses, but am INSANELY picky about them. The moral of this story is that 1.) I want pictures and 2.) what am I missing with the OOTD posts? I haven't seen any? and 3.) If you have any site recommendations for purse purchases, let me in on them! :)

    1. Ha, trust me, this house is full of "gimmie a break already!" type crap. But I remember that hey, it's pretty amazing that I own property, even if it's broken, so big picture thinking: it's not that bad.

      Ha, I don't know if people call them purses or handbags here??? I kind of go between the two terms. Maybe it's all that PBS I watched growing up. I will try to take some photos and a review once I've used it. I don't have a particular place to look for them, I go to Macys, Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, DSW, Zappos, and then sort by crossbodies, because that is my main thing for a handbag. I also will go to Fossil, Kate Spade, Dooney and Bourke because I've gotten bags from them before. So once I find one that I like, I will search for that one on its brand site, and all the department sites to see where I can get the best deal.

      I was going to do all my January outfits in one post, a link to an album so it won't be so photo heavy. I've actually been taking a photo every day! They are not ground breaking outfits, I don't think I will ever make it as a fashion blogger :D Right now I'm trying to edit the ones I have, and they are blurry and dark and just not great.