Monday, January 30, 2017

Botanical Boho | A minimalist approach

This post is just the planning/idea stage, so don't get excited about a room tour just yet. Or at least, an after photo. I have provided lots of before photos.

So I don't have the funds for it yet (you know, cardboard house and spending money on handbags), but I've been doing a lot of "research" and pinning to figure out what I would like my bedroom to look like. I would really like to get over this weird stuck feeling I have about decorating my house.

Right now it looks like a first apartment, early twenties kind of look which is not ideal. So here are some totally embarrassing bedroom photos:
 things to note:
  • my "table" is just a random shelf thing I found in the garage when we moved in.
  • his table is a filing cabinet. 
  • the tv is resting on two hand me down end tables which make the TV too low for me to actually see even when I'm propped up in bed so I end up only watching the top half of the TV unless I move to the end of the bed and that isn't that comfortable. So many problems in my life, guys.
  • that black square on the wall is tape covering the hole from when we had the cable going from the outside (that hole is level with the roof. our house is weird)
  • Neil and I have completely separate bedding, his was still in the wash when I took these photos.
  • as much as I want minimalism, I have a lot of shit in here
  • those cat scratchers are there to try to prevent Izze from tearing up our bed. Her preferred material are my jeans, so I cut up old ones and apparently my legs are the exact size as the posts. 
  • those are Izze's two beds: one heated, one she has been nursing on since she was a baby. It's gross and I hate it but she is very attatched to it.
Obviously, this is not the look I want. But then I was like, but what do I want??? Why is it so hard to pinpoint what I like? Shouldn't that be the easiest thing, ever? DO I JUST OVERTHINK THINGS. Probably. 

I had a revelation that started this whole research phase. I've been slowly buying things and arranging the dining room when I looked over after my husband reorganized the liquor cabinet and realized: This is my favorite corner of the house. So I tried to take a photo to capture the "feeling" of it that I would like to replicate for the bedroom:
This is a photo of the whole corner, but I feel like it doesn't capture the idea as well as the closeup with my coffee cup:
The corner also isn't finished, though is anything in my house??? I'm pretty good at getting things like 60% done. I would like to stain the frame around the backdoor a cherry color, the plants need to actually be planted with dirt, and maybe some more rolling things for them to sit on, and the corner needs something it's a bit blank.

At least I have been able to figure out that I'm drawn to the bohemian style, except for all the clutter, which kind of is the whole point of that style, right? So contradicting and annoying on my part. I want a boho kind of feel in a minimalist way but doesn't feel half-assed, sparse, or unfinished. What does that even mean.

Then I came across this article which helped me think of decorating in a more organized way: layers. Such an awesome way to not get bogged down right away in all the details! So, I think that it would be possible to do a minimalist bohemian style, I just have to find the right items that give the biggest impact. I also do not want to paint the walls for these reasons:
  • feels too permanent
  • way too much wall therefore too much money and time
  • too much thinking and choices I don't want to bother with
So I made a list of what I would need to help myself focus on my search, and what layers I would be using for this space:
  • first layer: bedroom set (even though a set goes against the bohemian style, but I think would help as my base for a simplistic approach). This should be my first purchase, so I need to find a set that would be neutral but interesting. I think I found a set I like, within my budget, so hopefully it's still available once I'm ready to purchase!
  • second layer: rug (I think this should be very bold, with lots of color)
  • art/wall decor (the wall with the black tape is a huge space, I'm thinking maybe a tapestry)
  • bedding (I'm thinking of getting a cheap blanket that I could put over our divided bedding situation on the days I feel like making the bed)
  • curtains (I also HATE those curtain rods that I thought I liked at the time. Neil is very frustrated with me on that)
  • small touches (maybe replace the dresser knobs with fun, colorful ones)
  • PLANTS or things that give the idea of plants if that makes sense because Neil doesn't really like plants
The one thing that is giving me a bit of bother is the bed. It's a sleep number, so I'm unsure if I can purchase a bed frame that isn't a sleep number specific one, and their bed frames are so expensive! And fabric. I'm afraid of our cat scratching the crap out of it, like she does. And we have the split one, which is nice for when we are propped up watching tv, but that means I am limited buying sheets from the sleep number website. Which are also expensive. And we both have separate comforters because we learned early on he is a crazy blanket hog. So right now I'm thinking of finding a headboard, but hopefully one I don't have to attach to the wall. I have problems with permanence, guys.

The other part is how the room is shaped and the window placement. This room was originally two rooms, which makes it an odd shape to deal with, so I can't center the bed under a window. And eventually the bathroom will be extended and a walk in closet built in, so I'm trying to keep that in mind. I'm also hoping wood looking tile is in the future for the floor. A girl can dream. I really hate carpet. Ha, so even if I manage to redecorate, my room will still not be done!!! Oh, lordy.

Things I have figured out:

  • I don't want black furniture (thinking of going with a natural wood color)
  • I want color (turquoise/teal, red, yellow)
  • I need to think of the room in layers
  • I want at least one thing pineapple, one thing elephant, one thing furry
  • ...and that's about it.
What styles are you attracted to? Is your house styled exactly the way you like? Do you struggle like I do or is it easy for you?


  1. I like the sound of your vision! I think it won't be too hard, you have an outline of what you want that is the hardest part. I live in a small overcluttered apartment that I'm not allowed to paint or change anything (apts. here come furnished. it's weird) so I have no idea what my style is. Pinterest is good for daydreaming though. Your bedroom is huge! I think until you get a closet you have enough space to put up a screen if you wanted some visual decluttering. My Mom always had them in her bedroom, eventually she used them for a headboard. I think plants would definitely be necessary for the botanical theme, sorry Neil! I have a jade/money plant in my kitchen and I think it's a kind of feng shui/unobtrusive looking plant, you have to clip them or they get huge but they are impossible to kill. Would your bed fit where the t.v. is? I think if the curtains were shorter maybe the bed would look good in the middle too though. You have a lot of room to work with, I am sure it will look great! I wish I could have my own comforter too, my husband is such a duvet hog! ;-)

    1. Wait, the apartments come furnished??? What happens if you break or stain something? How old is the furniture? Does this include art and decor like a staged home?? Even the bed? MATTRESS?? so many questions.

      My bedroom is large, but it was two rooms, which individually were too small, but after taking the wall down, now it's so much space. I like the idea of a screen!!! I didn't think of that, that would totally work to block out some of the closet clutter. That will be part of the last layer :)

      I can't move the bed to the tv wall, that wall is smaller and wont fit the bed and nightstands, super sad face. And the bed has to face the tv, if I put it in the middle of the windows, it would just be facing the double doors. The room is a weird shape now, I hope in the future it won't look so weird.

    2. We have bought our own couch because the one that came with it wore out after a few years, it is really weird though. I took down a lot of the art I don't like and replaced it with mine to feel more homey but it's not exactly the same as decorating your own place. I think when we eventually get our own place I am just going to go nuts on the decor and it will be like a crazy different theme in every room!

  2. Wow, you've got a lot of good plans and I like the descriptions of everything you've said you like and don't so far. (Gonna be cool!) :)
    For the headboard, have you thought about the whole painting thing? Or hanging pretty curtains? L

    I must say though, that I envy your sleep number...although being limited to buying their sheets sucks ass. :( Boo.
    Oh, you could make the wall art-headboard thing be planty for the planty vibe. Apparently planty is not a word. It is a word now.

    1. So I'm going to admit: I am such a tech-retard. Like, the bed comes with a remote for both sides, to lift your head, your feet, or the other sides head (it has a "snore" position, so if your partner is snoring, you can lift them up a bit to put them in a better position to not snore, which would be awesome if I could figure that shit out), and change your pressure, BUT I CANNOT FOR THE LIFE OF ME remember how to get to each screen on the remote to do all those things. So I just put my remote on my husbands side and wait for him to lift my head/put it down when we go to sleep. I SUCK. Like if I were in a comic book, remotes would be my arch-nemesis. or kryptonite. something.

      Heather, you can save the city! Just take this remote...
      Wait, a remote...
      YES. Take this remote...
      It has so many buttons.
      Really, it's simple, just [insert gibberish as far as i'm concerned] and the city will be saved! It's so simple, but you must hurry!
      Um... is there like a manual? With step by step photos?
      Look, I just showed you, but you have to do it!
      Dang, I really liked this city.

      And also, Izze has ripped holes in both fitted sheets we have for the bed because she is a monster.

      I am getting better at the PLANNING stage of decorating, but let's see what happens when I actually have the funds. You guys will be like, wait, your room is all black furniture and no decor, what happened. I hope not! But I also change my mind A LOT.