Sunday, December 18, 2016

Sunday Confessions | 12-18-16

I Confess

I put on some Christmas music while I was doing the dishes, and I guess I never really listened to the lyrics to a lot of the songs but a good portion are basically break up songs. What the hell? I mean, December is one of the top break-up months so I guess that makes sense.

I Confess

I did like my husband singing bits of the songs in an exaggerated way, or changing the lyrics, and doing his little dances. Though after the fifth song he was over it. He said there are only like five Christmas songs sung by a billion people. Accurate. So I changed it to Prophets of Rage.

I Confess

Though I could listen to "Santa Baby" a few times, especially the Eartha Kitt version. I don't know why I like that one! It's so weirdly sexual, especially for when it was written. The Community version is pretty funny as well and is my second favorite version. I think because it highlights the absurdity of it:

My favorite line being: "Eventually you reach a point of diminishing returns on the sexiness"


  1. Ha ha I forgot about that scene in Community! I really liked the cartoon Christmas ep they did :-)It is super weird the whole girls in Santa outfits thing, I swear in middle school some girl showed up wearing an outfit just like that (I don't even know, she was a ballerina so maybe it was a leftover costume) and all of a sudden it was like "Oh...we're supposed to be sexy...for Christmas?" I don't know, I just remember being weirded out! I always liked Baby It's Cold Outside until someone had to go and ruin it by implying it's seriously messed up or some b.s. I mean it probably is but then I grew up listening to Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer and a stuttering Elmer Fudd doing Blue Christmas and not feeling guilty about it, I just feel like Christmas should be a p.c. free zone where we can enjoy the dumb songs, it's been an exhausting freaking year!

  2. Yeah, like Christmas feels weird being sexified. I couldn't imagine dressing like that randomly for school!

    The song Baby it's cold outside, I always thought the girl in it was being coy and teasing, like she wanted to stay but wanted him to be explicit that he wanted her to stay, and then it's like well, I tried to leave but guess I get to stay and snuggle with my honey.

  3. Ok, that clip inspired me that I should probably watch Community.
    And yeah - so many Christmas songs are so...damn...depressing. If you listen to Alan Jackson's "Honky Tonk Christmas" album, you basically want to slit your wrists by the end of it.

    1. The first two or three seasons are super funny, then a writer left? I think? And you can tell the change, but it still was very enjoyable. Lot's of easter eggs, call backs, and stuff that happens in the background of scenes that you could easily miss (like, over the course of a season, or years! I can't remember, they say Betelgeuse three times and on the third time in the background you see someone dressed as him HAHAHAHA. Their paintball and pillow fort episodes are pretty awesome.