Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Red and Green (and White) Christmas Party

This year I decided to stick with appetizers for the party since we always seem to make way too much food! I scoured Pinterest for what seemed like forever to find three easy to make yet festive looking appetizers. I wanted all my food and drinks to stay within the same color palette to give the table a cohesive look.

For dessert, I made mini grasshopper trifles, which I was able to do in advance and just topped with the cookie crumbles and candy garnish right before I placed them on the table. For drinks, I placed empty glasses with festive garnishes to be filled with the guest's drink of choice.
For munchies, we had cucumber cups with red pepper hummus, Caprese bites, and mini shrimp tacos. I filled out the empty spaces on the table with candy from Lindt and Andes. One caveat: the taco bites got soggy really quick! I made those last because I was worried about that, but they got way soggier than I was anticipating. I think next time if I were to make something like this, I will try to find a sturdier vessel that won't get all gross.

All in all, this was really a breeze to assemble! Putting together the party food table is really my favorite part of party planning. It's like a puzzle! You've got to figure out the theme, the colors, how to layer...
bob: you are really good at this.
me: oh, thank you!
bob: that wasn't a compliment, it was a fact.
me: oh... thank you?


Mini Grasshopper Trifles
Lindt Candy Cane Truffles
Andes Creme de Menthe Chocolates

Drink Garnishes

Rosemary sprigs
Sugared cranberries
Sugared rims
Candy cane sticks
Crushed candy cane
Crushed Oreos

Shrimp Taco bites

Chip Scoops
Sour Cream
Shrimp (Grilled with Fish Market Seasoning)

Caprese Bites

Marinated Mozzarella balls
Mini Tomatoes
Balsamic Vinegar

Cucumber Cups

Red Pepper Hummus
Garlic Hummus


  1. Ok, you are a fucking party genius. Maybe you could be a party planner? For the shrimp taco bites, I think your idea was spot on - perhaps maybe make that station assembly as needed or something? Hmm..

    1. Every once in a while I toy with the Party Planner idea... but then I wonder: how much creative control would I have, and sticking to someone else's budget to make a profit? And finding customers? And keeping it a professional level? Maybe just try to join a company that already does party planning...

  2. It's an idea. Or you could make it a side job to experiment with? I mean, I hear you on the expense stuff. But client should pay for supplies. Hmmm. Big thoughts.

  3. Love how you made everything cohesive with the colors! I love figuring out food for a party and trying to make it match a theme/color idea.


    1. Thank you :) I feel like once you come up with a theme, the rest of the planning kind of falls into place.

  4. You are very good at that! When it comes to parties I kind of do the same old things. Love your ideas!

    1. Well, if something is a fan favorite, why not! I do like to try new things, but its usually kind of the same idea of things (sugar and alcohol, lols).

  5. This all looks awesome and tasty! you mind if I ask why a Festive party in November though? Just curious!

    1. This party was actually last years Christmas party, I wrote the post then forgot to post... I meant to change the wording to indicate that but ha, guess I got lazy again! Whoops.

    2. Ha, I did think "Wow Californians start Christmas parites even earlier than Scottish people!" Hey how did you sugar the cranberries btw?

    3. i have a post scheduled for that, actually! i think it should be up by next week.

  6. OMG, now I'm so hungry! I want to go to your parties - they sound so great! And, yes, you should moonlight as a party planner.

    1. My parties don't always have substantial food to eat, but there is usually fun things to munch on :D And alcohol. I've been tinkering with the idea of a pot party, now that it's going to be legal. Not sure yet. I think that will be a bring your own taco box from taco bell party XD