Monday, October 10, 2016

Weekend Snapshots | No. 40

This weekend snapshots is brought to you by my new mailbox and light!

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Blink 182 was playing at the Shoreline Wednesday night, and I really wasn't expecting it to be so packed! With such a young crowd! Neil and I started playing a "game" of find people our age or older NOT with their kids. It wasn't easy. We had lawn seats, which normally I enjoy, but the age group was... ugh. The running around (these were late teens, early twenties people, just sit down!), the vaping... I'm an old lady, guys. At least most of the people for Rob Zombie and Korn were of drinking age, this concert we had to wear bracelets to indicate we were old enough to drink. We decided to watch the rest of the concert at the bar, and just watch it on the big screen. (Note: the beer can is tall, but not as tall as it looks in the photo, felt like taking silly photos. And I guess so were the guys, not sure what they were doing!)


THIS WAS THE DAY MY ROOMMATE OFFICIALLY MOVED OUT, YA'LL. My husband and I moved in the couch we had gotten from his work's storage weeks and weeks ago and Toki claimed it as hers. We went out to eat after work at the Fish Market, he said it was my birthday dinner but I also viewed it as a celebratory dinner of no roommate ;)


I really didn't do much of note this day at all. Bob and other Shane came over that evening to play Magic, and found out Bob has a new girlfriend. Might meet her at the Halloween party!


HOUSE GOT SOME NEW PAINT. It's not finished, but it's looking good guys! I've posted pics of my house before, I think? Those trees in the back make me laugh; if you look at the house dead on, it looks like devil horns. And check out the drought tolerant yard I have going on ;) I will have to take a better photo (more light) once it's all painted.  Also I had a clever moment so I had to document it. Doesn't happen very often.


  1. Ah, there is the house - looks good! There was a guy (illegally) vaping at our concert last night - this was a crowd of mostly 40 something dudes, I felt embarassed on his behalf! I mean, if people smuggle a little illegal substance into their vape I'm like whatever but polluting my musty club air with some perfumed nicotine?! Yeurgh. I like your giant beer hoodie pic, what kind of beer is that?

    1. I still don't get vaping when there is no pot or nicotine involved. Like, it's just flavored water... why? I DON'T GET IT.

      I was drinking a Shock Top. They have some fun flavors! I've tried the apple, banana, and raspberry. This was just the normal wheat one, still good.

  2. Another concert?!? Damn, girl! I remember seeing Blink 182 at this tiny venue in my home town just before they hit it really big - my ex was obsessed with them and being such a small town, he managed to get the hookup and be their driver all day while the stage was getting set up. I was equal parts happy for him and pissed that something good happened for him (this was right after he broke my heart and I'm petty, lol). I'm surprised the crowd was so young - the game of spot people in our generation without kids sounds like something we'd do. And, ugh, vapers. I get that they think they're being healthier and that they can smoke up wherever they are without regard to anyone around them, but I find them more annoying than smokers.

    Your house looks great! I love that new light fixture. We still need to pick out new fixtures for our house, but the front porch lights are positioned weird and we can't decide if we're going to move where they are or keep them in the same place. I can't wait to see more finished pics of your house - I love the devil horns! And you can always spray paint your yard green if you're worried about how it looks because of the drought, lol. Watering your yard is the least important use of water anyway.

    Also, I've said it before, but YAY, NO ROOMMATE!!!!

    1. I totally understand being petty, I check up on an ex here and there and gloat that he is still single after all this time, it vindicates all my feelings that he is impossible to be with, ha.

      I'm not that worried about the brown lawn, I have plans to replace it with california native plants. eventually.

      It took me awhile to pick out new lights, thankfully my husband ordered one of each I liked and returned what I didn't. He has no problems with that! I told him I hate to be "difficult" but he said I never am so it wasn't a big deal. Took a lot of stress off of me of picking the "right" one!

      NO ROOMMATE NO ROOMMATE NO ROOMMATE hahahahahaha :) :) :) :)