Monday, October 3, 2016

Weekend Snapshots | 39

This week's snapshots brought to you by my Sunday dinner. Popcorn has a lot of fiber so totes healthy, guys.

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Had an eye appointment at Costco and had my eyes dilated. Thank goodness I had Neil with me, I always forget how sensitive my eyes get. And the doctor was so surprised how quickly my eyes dilated. I got these glasses two years ago and I hate them. So I'm going to try contacts again.

Re-watched season 1 of Scream Queens since season 2 just started. We watched the first episode and couldn't quite remember everything so we were like, binge time! Made me a fancy cocktail to go with the show. I like the color, not sure I'm a fan though of the Aviation. But it could be user error. I was trying to use the jigger to measure but jiggers are 1.5 on one side and 3/4 on the other... so I was having a hard time measuring 2 ounces and half an ounce... why are jiggers such odd measurements? It should be one ounce on one side, half on the other.


Contractor guy came over again to finish putting in the fan in the bathroom. Our house makes even easy jobs hard. He said this was the hardest thing he ever installed. Took him Saturday and Sunday! Our house is built weird. I hung out upstairs and tried to get some cleaning done, Izze helped.

Neil left in the afternoon to go watch wrestling at Eric's and I had to rescue Turtle from broken glass. I forgot to turn the heat off in his shed (it was really cold the other night) so it was too hot for him so he decided to explore the rest of the shed for a new sleep corner and decided on the one with the fluorescent tubes. He broke the ends off of them and would have broken the whole thing if I hadn't gone out there to see what he was doing. I heard the wheelbarrow being moved... He was not interested in me moving him so I could clean. He can be such a pain sometimes.

Oh, also, we were going to get the house painted, but our contracter picked up one of the buckets of paint and made the comment that it didn't feel like the right kind of paint (we need a specific kind to cover up the cracks) so my husband started looking closer at the buckets when a note fell off. The handwritten note was for the STORE telling them they couldn't tint the paint and to ask the customer what he wanted to do. Um, I don't know, maybe tint the fucking paint? So we have had non tinted paint sitting in our garage for a month. Oh, and it wasn't the right kind either. So they ordered the wrong paint, then didn't even tint it. ARRRGH. Luckily we were able to return it and re-order but now I have to wait two more weeks before it comes in. I just want to get the house painted already. But really, the manager was super great about the return. Well, according to Neil. I went to look at plants. I'm so grateful he doesn't mind doing most of the adulting.


  1. What a pretty cocktail that is, indeed!
    And dude - the paint fiasco. What the crap - that sucks balls. I would've been pretty damn upset.

    1. Im so lucky to have my husband take control of things like that. He really doesn't mind being the responsible one. That's why I don't mind so much that I do most of the day to day chores, cause he does all the other stuff which isn't as obvious (to other people). Like dealing with paint returns.

  2. Eyeball dilation is so freaky! But also awesome, I kind of wish we could do it for a Halloween party or soemthing! My eyes are less and less tolerant to contacts but I hate my newish glasses, they have never fit my face no matter how amny times I've had them adjusted, so I wear my old ones that are chipping and look terrible. ugh. Want new ones! Glad Turtle is ok! Does he try to bite you if you pick him up? Good thing you caught the piant mistake, that's a lot of paint to have to return!

    1. My prescription is getting pretty heavy, and it's just becoming so obvious with glasses :( And right now the larger type glasses are in, which make it even worse. I don't know why people like to wear glasses if they don't need them, I hate that trend. I've been wearing glasses since I was 7 because I had to.

  3. Two days for a fan installation?!? That's crazy! And I would be borderline maniacal over that paint mix up - I'm glad your house is finally getting painted, though. I remember you posting paint swatches on here forever ago and I wondered what happened with that project.

    Glad Turtle is okay! And I love that pic of your kitty under the sheets (and how your other kitty looks like she's about to steal your drink in the other pic).

    1. Yeah, each time he drilled one way or another something was in his way, like electrical wires. I'm pretty calm with things, but my ways of dealing is just being really apathetic and just eating the cost. So not ideal.

      My cats are always all up in my business no matter what I am doing! Eating, drinking, sleeping, cleaning... one or more is there.