Sunday, October 16, 2016

Sunday Confessions | 10-16-16


I wouldn't have described myself as a "reckless" person but...
  • I hear a police helicopter and try to go outside in the darkness to hear it but my husband stops me. which makes sense, cause if they are looking for someone*, what if they are in our backyard?
  • when the neighbor's dogs got in the backyard a few yeIrs ago, i hear them barking at the turtle so I try to go out there to protect my turtle, again husband stops me. because hello, two large unknown german shepherds against me? 
still though. it's a little frustrating. I WANT TO GO OUTSIDE AND CHECK, OKAY? So you know my fate in a horror film.

so thanks for not wanting me to get hurt or die. I guess.

*they were looking for a 90-year-old woman with dementia, probably not scaling our six-foot fence. of course, that wasn't known at the time. (she was found after a few hours)


I decided to try an app suggested by Jessica for managing my Pinterest account and thought I should repin some of my more popular pins. While thinking of that, I also thought, hmm, I wonder why my MOST popular pin, that gets the most Pinterest traffic, doesn't generate more interest in other parts of my blog. So I decided to look at that post again. I normally don't revisit my posts (but maybe I should!) very often and dang is that post just awful. The photos aren't resized properly, some of the text is center aligned, some isn't, there aren't any links to the items I used... So many issues! So my new goal is to revamp my past posts, but only the top ten popular ones, to keep it manageable. Cause you know, I need more items on my "to do" list for my blog, ha. 


and it's raining today and it's like the best day ever.


  1. I have no freaking clue how to use those apps, I tried one and it kept pinning to the same board which drove me nuts so I stopped it after a day. Also I don't know how to make my pictures bigger/more pin worthy.

    I also would be murdered very quickly, the other week our neighbours were screaming in the middle of the night like maniacs, and who got up to check what was up? The man of the house? No, me. They has a burst water pipe and were freaking out and asked me to call the cops so I did, after being like "Ummm...are you sure", knowing they would send some fire dudes, which they did, to come and look and be like "Um yeah, this place is a catastrophe, good luck with that". Except the fire dudes spoke thick Scottish and the neighbours speak thick Polish accented English so it was all a bit comical though awful. Meanwhile husband is lying in bed like "Whassup?!". If a burglar broke in I guess I'm dealing with that too! ;-0

    1. I've actually have been trying to learn more blogging things, which I hate to admit, because I'm so bad at it and my trying vs my not trying is the same result :(

      My husband bought me a baseball bat since I'm usually the one to wake up and investigate any noises downstairs at night. So far no noises since the purchase though...

      Yeah, Im not sure what cops or firemen are suppose to do with a burst pipe? That seems like not their job. Well, at least you tried to help your neighbors!

  2. I've been going back and revamping some of my more "popular" posts - I use that term lightly, lol. I think it's great that you're learning new blogging things!!! My learning curve looks more like a flat line, but I just keep on keeping on, lol.

    I'm totally not the one in the household who does the investigating - I'm busy hiding under the covers. Although Dennis did get me a machete for Mother's Day....

    You should install the same little suggested post widget thingy that I have a the bottom of my posts - that'll help people stick around and read more of your posts. And if I can install it on my blog, you can install it on yours!!!

    1. you have a machete! that's pretty cool!

      i use to be hella scared of the dark, not sure what has happened. now i wander around in the dark investigating weird noises.

      i should install the suggest post widget thing... i'll put it on the list ;)

    2. Okay, so in a horror movie, you might die. But then again, you might be brave final girl - nope, never mind. LOL You're so dead. :)
      And now I have to figure out these things - an app for managing my pinterest? Like, wouldn't that BE my pinterest? I am so far behind the times.

    3. I'm TOTALLY dead :D :D :D Like the intro to the film, a montage of the killers previous killings.

      So... yeah, you kinda save pins to this app,which then pin the pins for you at the best times to be seen and repinned. So its double pinning kind of, ha.