Monday, October 17, 2016

PopSugar Must Have Box | October 2016

 reinvention | warm | cozy | snuggly | inspiration | happy

PopSugar Must Have Box Contents

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  1. You had me at dark drinking chocolate....

    1. i go through a lot of hot chocolate during the winter so i'm excited to try it!

  2. I relate to your skepticism when faced with extra cheerful self help type speak :-) I would cry when my evil windy city blew that umbrella inside out the first time I used it, as it has done with every umbrella I have tried :-/ The mug is cute, and I am just getting into thinking about hot cocoa mode. Your hair looks great btw, so cute and not remotely frizzy, what's your secret, woman?! ;-)

    1. umbrellas only work on rainy NON windy days, and how often does that happen? like never.

      i wet my hair before the video so my "trick" is that my hair is slightly damp, ha!

      yeah... i'm not too excited about the book, but i will read it. eventually.

  3. 1.) That hair! Gorgeous!
    2.) Great box all around - such a cute umbrella.
    3.) Dark drinking chocolate with that mug - so clever. :)
    4.) Okay, when your last name is "Sugar" you're either going to be a self-help cheerleader, a stripper, or a serial killer, or at least she picked the best of the three. :) (PS - I am a bad person.)
    5.) I love how you are gripping the eye liner like a weapon.

    1. 1. My hair can be okay some days :D
      2.That drinking chocolate: SO GOOD. I made it with the vanilla soy milk we have; dessert in a cup.
      3.It's her married name, and I totally agree! I started the book... haven't finished it. It's pretty rah-rah... and how many of us can take unpaid internships right after college *eye roll* to learn necessary skills? Or quit jobs without anything lined up cause it wasn't the right "fit" ugh
      4. And my ineptitude with makeup is pretty apparent :D :D :D