Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Witch Bat Halloween Party

One thing I like to do with my Halloween parties is to tie in the decor with my costume. So this party's color theme was black and orange, and the overall theme was "Witch Bat" to sound like "Which bat"... I had little bat decorations around the place. I don't think I told anyone the theme had a name, that's really just for me, but everything was orange and black so that part was obvious. I had stuff left over from a previous Halloween party, so that's why I went with the same colors again. I was trying to keep this party easy for me!
I had just come back the day before from my Vegas trip so I wanted to keep the food and decorations really simple. I made these adorable pudding cup gravestones I saw on Pinterest (would totally make again!), and my favors were just some boxes I bought off of Oriental Trading and then I put candy in them.
For drinks, we made margaritas with some black rock candy sticks. I swear I want to use rock candy sticks all the time now. Such a simple way to add an extra oomph to a glass! It was kind of fun that the dye from the candy mixed with the orange punch and made a muddy color after stirring, so that is something to think about if you want to maintain a certain color scheme.

My husband BBQed some steaks, and Amanda made some yummy twice baked potatoes. I think we had a salad too? So there was real food at this party! Not just my sugar snack table.

Everyone seemed to have a good time, plenty of alcohol and dancing games. And people came in costume! And my husband was in costume, too! What. (John Cena if you couldn't figure it out. I think my husband just wanted to be able to wear his normal clothes. Such a cheater. Ha but the funny thing is that he doesn't like John Cena (the character), so he had to buy the shirt and accessories.


John Cena
Guy Fieri
Error 404
Number One Fan
Harley Quinn
Frankenstein's Monster
(Bob was... something made out of boxes? Both he and Shane didn't realize that everyone else was going to be in costume, so Shane got something out of my Halloween Costume box and Bob went through the recycling)
(And Katrina was Midnight I think!)


  1. Oh wow this all looks amazing! I didn't even know you could get black rock candy! I don't know who Jon Cena is is that weird?

    1. John Cena is a wrestling guy, so if you don't watch it I don't think it's that weird to not know who he is ;) he was in the most recent tina fey movie, sisters? and neil was happy to see John Cena in there, was unexpected.

  2. Jellyfish costume was pretty clever, actually.
    The box dude - I was like...Minecraft Thor? LOL
    I love that you do themes! You have inspired me! You are so good at parties!

    1. I love planning parties, being the hostess... I don't think I'm the best at ;) I have a zillion secret pinterest boards on halloween parties and coordinating costumes, ha. it's an obsession at this point i think. okay, maybe not a zillion, but at least five.

  3. ALL THINGS MUST BE COORDINATED!!!! I love, love, love this party! The only parties I get to plan these days are Jack's birthday parties and I can't help but to go all out. None of my pictures have turned out very well, but I should make one epic birthday party post.

    Please post the recipe for those drinks! They sound so yummy!

    1. Oh kids bdays have to be the best to plan! They think everything is amazing :)

      The drinks were actually a mix we bought at Costco, I think clementine something margarita mix, so it was just that, some rimming sugar (or was it salt?) and the candy sticks. Jose Cuervo has been making some really fun margarita mixes this year. Or I've just noticed.