Monday, September 12, 2016

Weekend Snapshots | Highland Games 2016

This week's snapshots brought to you by the lovely sky and hills of Pleasanton, California. Linking up with 3twentysix and The Reinvention of Jessica for their weekly Weekend Snapshots!


Shane and I drove out to Pleasanton to the Highland games to visit with our dad and his wife. The weather was actually pleasant for once and not a broiling 100 degrees! I tried to find a friend that participates every year and has a family booth and does the caber tossing, but their tent was empty every time. I also overpaid for some foreign snacks and had fish and chips for lunch. We ended the afternoon with some music then headed home. Luckily we were on the noncongested side for traffic!

We got Nick the Greek for dinner and the boys played Magic while I tried my best not to fall asleep before ten. I was exhausted! Too much outside.


Woke up to a quiet house, had my coffee and cuddled with kitties. Roommate was out for the weekend again so I was able to enjoy a seemingly empty house for a few hours while my husband slept in (he didn't go to bed until 1 am as is usual. I just can't seem to stay awake that long most of the time!)

I did a quick and shitty job (my MO, really) of covering up the bottom of the fence the neighbor's dog has been making. I used some concrete blocks I found behind the shed. They put up the for rent sign again. Wonder why they put it up, took it down, waited a month or so, then put it back up? Should try to find it on Craigslist again. (Just checked, before they had it listed for 3400/month, now it's listed for 3800/month. WHAAAAT. At least that includes all the utilities. I'm including a photo, it's not some McMansion or anything.)

He found one of my favorite movies "A New Leaf" and I watched that while he side-eyed it and played Magic on his laptop. Henrietta Lowell is my spirit animal.

Neil went out and got our dinner, and I mostly slubbed about and then we binged all but one episode of Stranger Things. I use to be very scared of the dark all the way into my teens, so it still surprises me that I'm not now. Our house was pitch dark while we were watching, and Soya started scratching at the back door and I got up and looked out no problem. It was the super cute possum so I watched him eat, wash his face, and waddle over to drink the turtle's water. AH, I WANT TO SNUGGLE HIM.


Another early quiet morning. But the plan was to do all the things I didn't do the past two days. Did some yard work and other chores and stuff (documented on my Instagram stories!). The squirrels keep burying walnuts and they keep sprouting. I wouldn't mind having a walnut tree, just not that close to the fence.

We watched the last episode of Stranger Things and I'm so glad they are going to make a second season!
this is the neighbor's house, before the addition of the ugly mushroom bird bath thing.


  1. Those treats look so good! I love junk food from other countries - it's always so interesting!

    That first pictures looks like the guy on Shane's shirt is holding you at gunpoint - is it weird that that's the first thing I noticed?

    Also, I am flabbergasted at the price of rent there!! I'd be living in a cardboard box if I was in CA and still overpaying on rent. I just found out a friend of mine is paying $2250 for her 2br apartment here in Houston and I thought I was going to throw up - that's more than we pay for our mortgage, taxes, and insurance!!!

    1. I always joke that I will need to brink an empty suitcase with me if I travel to another country just to fill with snacks :D

      I had to scroll back and see my brothers shirt, ha! That is funny.

      The rent is INSANE here. I don't know how people manage it. Well,we have the gypsy caravans. Ha, not really, but that's what I call it. Otherwise known as the mobile homeless: people living in their cars and rvs. In fact, some of our police force was outed as living in rvs here cause they can't afford to live here on their salary. We have three or four rvs around that usually park near the costco construction site.

  2. What did you think of the Jaffa Cakes? It took me a while to decide I was ok with chocolate and orange together, but now I like it! Is it lame I live in Scotland and have never been to a Highland Games? (answer:yes). I love Highland Cows!(they call them "Coos" here ;-0). So those rents actually don't make me feel too bad. I mean, out rent is stupid expensive for what we get but I defintiely couldn't afford to live in NoCal either. I don't beleive you moved all of those bricks all by yourself, you are strong! :-0

    1. In general I'm not a big chocolate fan, but these had enough other things to be okay. I think I'd like a raspberry jaffa cake, the jelly part was really interesting!

      My grandpa had a highland cow hide in his livingroom and i would love to have one myself. So expensive! He got his for free though.

      I am actually really lucky with what I pay for my house in this area, like REALLY lucky. Neil and I could not afford to rent the house next to us, that's for sure.

      I didn't move them all at once! Just two at a time :) After checking for spiders of course, don't want creepy crawlers coming out halfway through carrying them.

  3. Okay, my favorite thing was "quick and shitty." lol

    How did you like Stranger Things? I've heard good things and that it's creepy/scary, but I'm hesitant for some reason.

    1. all of my "home repairs" stuff is all quick and shitty. i just don't have the skill level or fortitude for it!

      stranger things was mostly good i would say, i would recommend it. it's suspenseful, but not scary, like i was able to go to bed just fine. and I love that they left if open ended, so even if they weren't going to do a second season, it leaves you with something. i don't always like neat and tidy endings!