Monday, September 5, 2016

Weekend Snapshots | August 27/29

Linking up with 3twentysix and The Reinvention of Jessica for their weekly Weekend Snapshots!


Neil hosted one of (yes, he has more than one) his fantasy football leagues at our house starting at ten in the morning. Ugh and yay. Ugh because I had to get up early to clean. I could have done it Friday night but... lazy. Yay because I spent the rest of the time upstairs trying to get through some of my paper/and I don't know what piles. Things just start to accumulate! I got some of that done. Stuff was thrown away! Also worked on some blog posts that I've been meaning to do. I drank some coffee which normally gives me lots of energy and focus, but my brain felt a little scattered so I didn't get as much done as I wanted. Neil said all his friends mentioned how "immaculate" the place was, which was surprising to me because I did just a basic cleanup. I'm beginning to think I'm the only one that sees all the dirt and flaws in my home. Or people are just being nice.


I did my laundry and yard work this day since I spent most of Saturday upstairs. I didn't take any before photos so the one photo doesn't really demonstrate any progress. I filled up the green bin, restacked the wood onto the concrete instead of the ground, and then raked up some more piles to deal with next weekend once the bin is empty again (you can see Turtle chilling up against the dryer vent). I washed my hair and even though it was the same shampoo and conditioner I've been using for the past three months, my baby kat went nuts. She latched onto my head with claws out and aggressively rubbed her face all over my hair and then started biting and scraping her teeth against my skull. Ow.


Neil had his other fantasy football draft after work so I just took the day off. We are so slow at work anyways. On Friday Neil started listing things I should do on my day off which kind of irked me because heaven forbid I give him a list of chores for him to do when he takes a day off. I try to understand that he doesn't realize when he does that to me, but UUUGGHHH. Let my time be my time. I'm not always in the mood to tolerate Mr. BossyPants. Though he really doesn't like it when I call him bossy.

Not going to lie, being a housewife for a day was FREAKING AWESOME. Would have been better if I wasn't anticipating my roommate's arrival sometime after two... But that goes without saying. Made me figure out the best routine for the day, though (to avoid being downstairs in the afternoon). I started with the kitchen then worked my way around the downstairs (kitchen--->dining room--->livingroom), then the stairs, then the computer room/laundry. IF this was my "job" I think this is a pretty good routine. I also added a "project" (cleaning the floor in front of one of the shelving units in the garage) which I think would be part of the regular routine (adding one project a day). Which still left me with plenty of me time! Blasted some KPop and drank some coffee to fuel my morning then chilled the afternoon. Bliss! I don't think I'd be able to keep up the momentum if this was my life, but it was great for a day.


  1. Yeah I'm not a cat person (I'm ok if they're being nice/not making me sneeze), so I don't think I would deal with the kitty scalp attack well! That's weird she freaked out when it was your same shampoo though - maybe they changed something in it?! Your before and after shelf organization is pretty impressive! The minute my husband tries to tell me to do something my gut response is "No way dude!" - I think he's figured out his natural inclination to be bossy sometimes is not the way with me. It's probably why he does the laundry, it would just lead to way too many "Where's my sock?" fights, whereas I really could give a crap where my missing sock is, because I have lots of other socks! Like, it bugs me a little, but he cannot rest until he finds the missing sock. Different strokes! The pic of you in the laundry basket is adorable, you so tiny! And I would have just thought Turtle was a rock/some dirt if you hadn't pointed him out - nice camouflage Mr. Turtle! :-)

    1. my coworkers tell me the same thing, the patience i have with my cats is too much ;) every once in awhile she decides to "play" with my hair, but usually not this much.

      yeah, as soon as someone tells me to do something, now I don't want to do it. it may have been on my list to do, i may have been on my way to do such thing but *poof* gone if i feel like i'm being instructed to do it. my husband really doesn't think he is bossy though!

      you'd think an 80 lb turtle would be easy to find, but i "lose" him all the time, especially if he is in the shade.

  2. Turtle blends in so well! And OMG, you're always so productive! Teach me your ways, sorceress!!

    1. I should do more "find turtle" photos, he is so hard to find sometimes!

      I'm glad you think I'm productive, sometimes I feel like I don't get anything done. Like right now, laundry from two weeks ago is still on the computer room floor. argh. I don't get many days off where it's just me, so that really motivates me to use all that time as best I can. If I had lots of days to myself I don't think I'd get as much done!

  3. Oh man, you are more productive in one or two days than I am in a week (or two!)
    Those organization before/after - I was blown away!

    1. I kind of set standards for me on days I take off work, like I feel like I can't "waste" them, whatever that means. Well, it means I work my tushie off until I'm exhausted. But I have spent Sunday's doing jack all so not sure what the logic is.

      I can't wait to do a lot more organizing though, once the roomie is gone! I have lot's of plans.