Monday, September 26, 2016

Weekend Snapshots | 38

This week's Weekend Snapshots brought to you by the Green Thumb nursery in Palo Alto. It was such a lovely spot, I wouldn't mind going again! That is, if I manage to keep the plants I bought from there alive...

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I'm going to include this day even though its not a weekend day. Went to see Prophets of Rage after work at the Shoreline (sure have been going there a lot this year! I've gone more times this year than the combined total of my times before). We had lawn seats and were in line with our blankets when we saw a sign saying no blankets! Also no chairs, no cameras, no, no, no. What! One of the employees said it was a band request. Argh, what??? We put the blankets back in the car but not without some grumbles. We split up as we looked for what food we wanted and of course other Shane lost us and thought we went to go sit down at the grass. He heads over there and an employee hands him some free upgrades since the venue didn't sell all the seat tickets! Woot, score. Yay for getting away from the herd Shane.

The concert was AMAZING. Also, for some reason, I never put my purse down so my phone tracked all my jumping/dancing. Now I know why I get so tired after a concert. I managed almost FIVE miles, most of it at my seat! Ha.


Today was my fifth wedding anniversary! And this is our tenth year anniversary of when we met. We decided to celebrate both at the place we met: Benihanas. And at the exact one, too, before it gets torn down (sometimes soon).  But first my husband took me to this lovely garden place to get some plants (his interpretation of the "wood" theme for fifth year), and then some beer at a liquor place he's been meaning to go to. They have a ton of craft beers.

Toki loved the new plants I bought, right away she had to inspect them! I also decorated the house with some odds and ends from the wedding, soya got comfy with the plushes :)

Took an awful dirty mirror/room selfie. This was the shirt I was wearing the day I met my husband. I don't wear it now, I have it tucked away in a box; I guess I'm just bringing it out for special occasions, ha. After dinner, some of us headed back to our house and played Secret Hitler (I was Hitler one round and failed miserably), then headed outside for a fire. For once the wind wasn't blowing! Neil and I got pretty drunk and stayed up late with the Shanes (until 3). Made some plans with the other couple that we have befriended this year, so hope that transpires! They drive up to Napa every once in awhile and invited us on their next trek.


I did nothing this day. No yard work (sorry green bin!), no laundry, nothing. I didn't feel like being hungover downstairs with my roommate and her sighs so I stayed upstairs even though it was roasting. Ugh. Izze loved it, Toki was sad (Izze doesn't let her come upstairs, I try to make Toki come up but to no avail, they have their unwritten house barriers).


  1. Happy Anniversary (again)! It sounds like ya'll had a fun time - I love that you kept the shirt you wore when you met your husband and have it tucked carefully away - that's so sweet!! Also, I've got to know how all those plushies were part of your wedding!!! Dennis and I had our favorite stuffed animals walk our moms down the aisle since neither of our dads were in attendance.

    Also, go Shane for the ticket upgrades - lawn seats at venues like that are awful (but better than not seeing the concert at all). Also, that is a lot of movement for one night!

    1. You know, no one took photos of the center pieces? They were demolished as soon as everyone sat down. I have one "before" shot (a bad one) that I took at my old apartment, I will have to find it. The little plushes were at everyones table.

  2. Happy Anniversary! Too bad they are tearing down your Benihanas! I like your root beer t-shirt, I'm a little obsessed with root beer as we don't get it hear so I always o.d. on it in America and then am like "Ugh I never want to look at root beer again". Uh that band is lame for not allowing blankets, don't they want their fans to be comfy? Cool about the upgrade though! This year our anniversary thing is crystal so I don't know, glasses?! I don't think we've ever even done the traditional gift once!

    1. The new apple campus is getting built near there, not sure if they bought that land as well, or the city is re-vamping it all.

      I don't want to live in a world of no root beer, what is that even.

      Crystal, hmmm. Not sure what I would pick for that?

    2. What? They don't have root beer in Scotland? Is that a Scotland thing or a Europe thing or what? How is that even possible?

  3. How cute that you kept the tee you met Neil in! And such a cute photo!
    Glad you guys had a good anniversary. :) :)
    And wtf is Secret Hitler because I want to play that game while drinking.

    1. Secret Hitler is a card game of sorts, where some of the people are fascist, and some are not, but it's all a secret. And only the fascists know who Hitler is, but Hitler doesn't know who the other fascists are. So you spend the game trying to trick people into not knowing what side you are on. I'm very bad at this.

    2. Okay, that sounds really fun (especially if drinking is involved) but also kinda complicated. I would likely give myself away too quickly.