Thursday, August 4, 2016

Weekend Snapshots | August

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My photos have been taking awhile to upload to Flickr. I wanted to get this done on Monday after work but my phone was being annoying. I actually did things! Lot's of things! I felt like Jessica over at Reinvention of Jessica ;)

Thursday Night

Went to see Jim Jeffries with my husband and my younger brother. We got dinner first then walked over there. He was HILARIOUS. I was a little concerned because he came out on stage looking a little hungover and shuffling a bit, but he warmed up and ended up talking for almost two hours! He was making fun of Fresno and some girls started shouting from the crowd that they were from there and he shouted back "You even SOUND ugly!" HAHAHAHAHAHA! 

Walking back to the car we passed by a huge Pokemon stop place thing, whatever you call it. You can tell because of all the grouped people staring at their phones, lols. This game has really changed how people behave in public, you can tell right away who is playing.

Friday Night

Neil and I took the day off since we had so much going on. For us. We picked up the Shanes and headed over to the Shoreline. I should have known but I didn't, the Shanes had never been there so they didn't know it was outside. Luckily it was still pretty warm once the sun set, even though it was at least 20 degrees cooler than at our house.

I really thought that Rob Zombie was the main event, but apparently, it was Korn. The crowd really livened up once they got on stage. Neil and I went to get some food and alcohol between Rob and Korn, and while Neil was using the bathroom I ended up involved in a conversation. Neil finds this hilarious; anytime he leaves me people start talking to me. We talked to this couple for awhile (guess where the guy was from? FRESNO. HAHAHAHAHA. Jokes were made).

Saturday Night

We pick up one Shane at his new apartment (did not get to see inside yet!) and head out to an adorable Hawaiian/Tiki place. Got me some poke!!! Then went to pick up the other Shane at his work. I noticed some girls waving their hands frantically while we drove down the dead end, and as we turned the car around, I saw a ball and it clicked. That was their ball! (there was so many echoes from the previous nights... I felt like the book I was reading, 11-22-63 was having an impact) Neil gets out and graciously hands it to them :)

We had picked the late show to make sure we had enough time to do nothing all day (which I totally did cause it was hot as balls, not great for my chore list), and the show before was running late. We didn't get in until over thirty minutes after our time. Joel Mchale was just great. There was some... interesting people in front of him that made for great impromptu jokes. One couple was DRUNK (and I think vomited and left? and came back?) the other couple had a ziplock bag of red hots, which he grabbed and made jokes about the rest of the night.

Sunday I did nothing. Sorry chore list.


  1. I miss outdoor summer concerts! I mean we have (festivals) them here, but usually it's raining and you are miserable ;-0 I have never heard of Jim Jeffires is that weird? It's cool he played for two hours. We were tempted to get tickets for Louis C.K. or Amy Schumer but they are mega expensive and David was all "They're only on stage for AN HOUR!" which does seem legit a rip but maybe they are on longer I don't know. Anyway the improv sounds fun, I used to do very bad improv at acting school but I always loved going to watch it. I went on an inadvertent Pokemon hunt with my's deeply uninteresting if you are not playing!

    1. Jim Jeffries has only gotten "popular" within the past five years, and mostly because of him getting shot after voicing some thoughts on gun control. You know, America feels very strongly about that subject.

      You do get some other people on stage before the main performer, but if you don't find them funny then it's like, um, I didn't pay to hear you.

      So far hunting for Pokemon has only been fun for me because we were going somewhere to eat or the pond so I had something to do. And he says we might go to Santa Cruz! He hates that place and I love it but theres a pokemon he needs that is there so yay!!!

  2. So much comedy! I haven't been to a stand up show in a very long time, but they're so much fun! Rob Zombie and Korn sounds like an awesome show - good line up.

    It's so funny how many people play Pokemon - Niantic (the company that makes Ingress, my GPS augmented reality game of choice) actually makes Pokemon - and uses established portals from Ingress as poke-whatevers. I refuse to get into another game, though. I do love how it's bringing so many people together.

    1. Yeah, it's weird how a "simple" change skyrocketed the users! I was never into pokemon so its not something that interests me but I hope this is a trend for future games.

  3. Oh man, so much fun! Sounds like it was a great weekend.

    1. It was fun! Though I'm looking forward to winter and full weekends at home. My weekends have been unusually busy lately.