Monday, August 29, 2016

Weekend Snapshots | August 19-21

Linking up with 3twentysix and The Reinvention of Jessica for their weekly Weekend Snapshots!

I really want to link up with these girls every week, but I think the only way that is going to work for me is if I post a week behind. It just takes me awhile to get my photos together, edit them, write about them... With the Sunday Confessions I just write my thoughts as they come to me during the week, so those seem much easier. Also, I would like to include some of the stuff I share on Instagram Story's in case people miss those. 

Thursday Night

Seinfeld was in town! One of Neil's bucket list items; score! He went a little short, though, much to Neil's disappointment. I think it's cause they added another show time after ours. My husband bought the tickets right away, and they did sell out but if he knew that they were going to add another time he would have waited. It's usually better to see the comedian at the later time so they don't have to have a concrete deadline. I had a great time, though, he was hilarious and surprisingly active (like, moving around the stage and jumping around).


I went to an interview for a job I was under qualified for and then had a yummy breakfast with my husband. Came home and took a nap then did a few chores.

My friend Amanda asked if we could come over and have a Disney movie marathon night. She picked up some pizza and we lounged around while we watched on of my favorites "Emperors New Groove" and then "Aladdin". Neil brought some of his limited edition compilations and I picked the Donald Duck ones with the Chipmunks. I love Chip and Dale!

Saturday Night

Met up with some new friends for a birthday celebration at a Star Wars themed bar (which was hilariously a few businesses down from the Pink Poodle (all nude strip club). So a total dive area). I had a blast, even though it was a bit too loud to have any decent conversation. I also drank too much and got a little motion sick on the way home... Whoops. I did make it to the bathroom in time ;) Neil says I get way too dancey and annoying when I've been drinking, but I say all drunk people are annoying when you are sober.


Oh, hungover Sunday. I was supposed to hang out with Amanda again, and I really wanted to but my head was killing me. 

I spent most of the day hydrating and doing nothing. I turned the sprinkler on for the turtle and he decided to make a little mud hole. He is normally pretty good at not digging so I didn't stop him (what kind of logic is that). Though really, how would I anyway. I also was finally able to identify these little berry plants that have sprouted all over the yard. I feel like I have to keep tabs on what is growing since my turtle is roaming all over the place. He doesn't seem to be interested in these plants but can't be too careful. Is it weird that a part of me wanted them to be poisonous (deadly nightshade but they were black nightshade which is edible)? A very small part, cause dealing with the disposal would have been a pain.

Neil was at Eric's watching wrestling so it was just me and the kitties. I let them stay outside a little longer than Neil lets them and they still gave me attitude. Brats.


  1. Okay, that bar sounds awesome!!! And getting dancy and annoying is kinda the point of drinking, right?!?

    It's so awesome that you got to go see Seinfeld! Also, it sucks that he ran short - there's nothing more frustrating than paying money for a show and not quite getting enough. But I bet he was hilarious.

    What job did you interview for? Should I cross my fingers that you get it? I know it's been rocky where you are now, so I guess new is good!

    Don't feel like you have to link up the same weekend you take the pics - we're just glad you're linking up!!

    1. The job... pays more, but is way more stressful. And I know how to do 0% of the job. I'm terrified of actually getting it. I would be working in a clinic making doctor appointments for the elderly that use the program, a little bit more involved than that, but that's basically it. I'd have to learn medical coding, too.

      Seinfeld was totally worth seeing! And I'm not even a huge fan or anything, he was hilarious. He kept calling Cupertino "cup of tino" because it was so small and couldn't be called a city :D

  2. Awesome weekend! Your turtle just makes me ten kinds of happy.
    You watch Screen Junkies? The honest trailer for Aladdin is hilarious. I do love those two movies.

    1. oh i've watched a couple of honest trailers, i'll have to find the aladdin one.

      i need to remember to take more photos and video of my turtle! he's gotten much bigger this summer.

  3. Sounds like a fun weekend! The only themed bar we have in our town is Frankenstein's, which is like a half hearted monster/Halloween themed place, no idea ahow it stays in business! Glad Seinfeld isn't in a rocker yet, lol! No poison for turtle please, I suspect he's a smart turtle though to be as big/old as he is?

    1. turtle does seem to taste test things here and there, but mostly if the color or smell is interesting. these berries are blue, which is a color he isn't interested in, so i haven't seen him munching. he can though, now that i've checked, ha. they are safe to eat.

      not sure how many themed bars we have, but the star wars one was fun!