Thursday, August 11, 2016

Vegas Trip 2015 with Friends: Tuesday Day/Night

This was a day of more drinking and my introduction to beer flights!

We grab some burgers and shakes for lunch then head over to a small mall around Fremont street (I had a Groupon for some chocolates. Most of what we did was because we had a Groupon or a free thing from that MyVegas game from Facebook. Neil played it like it was his job, lols. So a lot of our food was steeply discounted.) and mosey around. Then we got some doughnuts from O Face. Even with it being late in the day, they were so good! 
Bob and his then girlfriend were supposed to drive up that day and meet us at the brewery, we had a tour arranged specifically for Bob since he likes to brew his own beer. He totally missed it. We order flights to see which beers we liked, and bought some growlers with our favorites. We had a Groupon which made it a little cheaper. 
There was a camera crew that started filming a table, and we assumed it was for a commercial until one of the guys came up to me and Neil and asked if we could sign a nondisclosure form (I think that is what is was called. Just a thing to say yes it's fine to use my face). Apparently, we got in some of the shots for The Real World Las Vegas. They live in an apartment not that far from the brewery, and they hang out at Fremont Street often. I forgot to check later to see if you can make out my face in the episode. It's not the type of show I like to watch. I'M TOTALLY FAMOUS, GUYS.
We mosey around some more, then head to an ice cream shop that does alcoholic milkshakes. Then we went to the ice bar (which was at the same hotel so short walk!) and made the guys do some shots off some ice boobs. You can't bring your camera inside so the only photo I have is the one we paid for. Ah too bad.
Finally for some food! We eat then head back to our room where they play cards until five in the morning. I went to sleep way before that.


  1. The food and alcohols all sound amazing. Alcoholic milkshakes, genius idea! That's weird they don't allow cameras in the ice bar, that's the kind of place peole would like to go to and take pictures I imiagine as it's such a novelty. Was it very cold? Vegas sounds full on, how do people stay awake so long?! ;-0

    1. Their excuse at the ice bar was that going from Vegas heat to the super low temps can damage some phones, so they'd rather not deal with complaints about that. Everything in that bar is made of ice: the seats, the glasses, the art... I think its about 20 degrees F.

      I slept in often and didn't stay up as late as everyone else! Not sure how they managed their late nights.

  2. Wow - that ice bar looks really cool!
    (I read the above comments and it's actually kinda true - going from indoor heating to outdoors in the winter, if it's cold enough outside, it can make the camera just like "act up", and the batteries not work inside of about five minutes or so. It really depends on camera age and quality. Obviously some more modern cameras are better built and withstand temperature changes, but also some newer model cameras are built like that bendy iPhone where they thought of everything EXCEPT exterior toughness. So yeah. But rule of thumb in Michigan? If you're taking photos in Michigan in winter, anytime you aren't actually shooting, put the camera away, put it in your pocket, (interior is better) and keep it warm to protect the lens, the mirrors, the batteries, everything from getting too cold.
    Wow that was a long comment on something stupid.

    1. Ha, not dumb cause I really have no experience with cameras and cold! I assumed what they told us was correct, not just that they want to make more money from photos. But I'm sure they like that part too ;)