Saturday, August 13, 2016

Vegas Trip 2015 with Friends: Thursday Day/Night

Phew, our last day in Vegas! I had heels to go with this outfit, but after Monday, I decided to nix that idea and just go athleisure inspired. I think it worked. My feet were happy so that's mostly what I cared about.

Neil and I had a quiet breakfast together then met up with the rest of the gang later. Not sure what we did, gamble? Walk around? Don't have any photos to jog my memory.

That evening though we did our fancy dinner at Gordon Ramsay's steakhouse at the Paris hotel. It was AH-MAZING. But: the main story to this is this girl Megan. And I don't know how to write this without sounding like a bitch, but, well. Ha.
Bob's now ex-girlfriend (thank god) is a vegetarian (I really think this trip caused a riff in the relationship, we may have been less than nice after this dinner). Before the trip, we sent out menus of a few dinner places to Bob and his girlfriend, to make sure she was okay with the food. Eventually, we all agreed on this place. We checked with them multiple times, sending the menu link if this was going to be okay. Yes, they said. Cue Megan being the most clueless vegetarian that there ever was. Lucky me got to sit next to her.

Some of these things I can excuse not knowing. Others I cannot.

  • She didn't know what a scotch egg was. (Okay, fine)
  • She didn't know what welsh rabbit was. (Okay, fine, this is a weird name, totally get that)
  • She didn't know what veal was. (This is the one NOT OKAY to not know. THIS IS BABY COW. I have nothing against people with special diets, but you have to know your diet, especially if it's one you've been on for over a decade.)

She asks the waiter what is vegetarian on the menu. Aside from a plethora of vegetable sides, he says the truffle risotto is the only main dish that would be vegetarian.

Despite him being very clear, she then goes item by item asking him if it's vegetarian. This waiter is a fucking saint.

She decides to try the french onion soup. She asks if it has meat in it. The waiter says, no but it has veal stock. So she says, but no meat?

She finally gets the truffle risotto. When she gets it, she sniffs the truffles, wrinkles her nose, and says she doesn't eat anything that is stinky. The rest of us ate the truffles, because hello, expensive, and hello, they were delicious.

The waiter comes by multiple times to check on us. She asks him for ranch dressing. Mother fucking RANCH DRESSING. Mind you, she did not order a salad. He tells her they do not have any ranch dressing or any dressing for that matter. She wanted it FOR HER FUCKING EIGHTY DOLLAR TRUFFLE RISOTTO. FUCK ME. She had no idea before that night that ranch dressing has a stigma to it and it isn't something you order at nice places. Our faces told her plenty, and she felt really bad about it after. Good. She was too old not to know, it's not like her family didn't go out all the time and travel (which Bob corrected me later and said they "vacation" not "travel" whatever that is suppose to mean). No excuses. Even the guys from bum-fucked Canada town knew better. (I would be less harsh on her if it was at least for a fucking salad, BUT RISOTTO???)

(I later come to the realization that she is what you would call a "Midwestern vegetarian" meaning she only eats pasta and cheese. And ranch dressing. But no vegetables. One time at my house, she started eating bread with a huge layer of mayonnaise on top for a snack. UGHHHHH.)
Everyone else absolutely LOVED their food. If I go to Vegas again, I would go here in a heartbeat. But you know, without a clueless vegetarian who asks for RANCH DRESSING AT A FIVE STAR RESTAURANT. At least that girl learned a valuable lesson on that trip, you do not order ranch dressing at fancy restaurants.


  1. Not to be a pedantic lives in Britain a-hole, but just so you know it's Welsh "rarebit" not "rabbit" and as far as I know it's just fancy cheese on toast so ironically she could have eaten that!! Unless Gordon turned it into rabbit to be cute? I was a vegetarian for 10 years and while I wasn't great with my diet I tried never to be a pain in the ass either (I hope!). In her small defense it does surprise me there was only one veggie optionon the menu, but at a steakhouse I guess that's not hugely shocking either. The veal thing is beyond belief, that is one of the first things that made me stop eating meat (I still wouldn't ever eat veal even though they claim it's more ethical over here nowadays, it's still little baby cows!). Yeah I get conflicted when I think about meat too much. I totally did not know Ranch dressing was tacky! It's not my favorite anyway, they don't really have it here in restaurants and I would never order it as a tasty condiment for non-salad food at any rate! Sometimes I ask for ketchup here and they're all ("Oh...tom-AH-to sauce, of course, gauche American!"). I cannot imagine how much the steaks cost if risotto was $80! I think I would stick to the buffet places lol! ;-0

    1. Here in the states, either the original spelling (rabbit) or the modern version (rarebit) is used, so I guess it's just another American vs British spelling! I couldn't remember what spelling he used, just assumed "rabbit" for this post since Megan questioned it, ha. It was a topping for the french onion soup, instead of just cheese.

      THERE WERE A MILLION VEGGIE OPTIONS. I was thinking I wasn't very clear in my post. There was only ONE main course, but a ton of sides! But the problem: they were all vegetables and she is the a-hole vegetarian that DOESN'T LIKE TO EAT VEGETABLES. So no salad, no asparagus, no mushrooms, nothing. She wanted a cheesy pasta dish.

      Not sure if this is true for all of America, but here ranch has the connotation that it's for children and white trash. But no one cares if you are at Chili's or Red Robin or a pizza place and order ranch, its fucking delicious. The problem starts with "nice" restaurants. One time with an ex, I order ranch for my salad and he expressed surprise that I of all people would order ranch. He only ordered a vinaigrette when dining out even though he preferred ranch. In my head I was like, oh how cute you think this place is nice enough for me to not order ranch. Normally I order Italian or blue cheese, but every once in awhile I want ranch.

      (Her risotto cost so much cause of the truffles. I mean, it was a pricey place, but there were cheaper dishes)

  2. Forgot to say it is my dream in life to master the art of comfy shoes with skirts, I like this look! And Neal's modelling skills might be upstaging you just a tad, his poses are hilarious! :-)

    1. He really did upstage me in the photos! Kind of makes me want to do an outfit of the day for him every once in awhile, just to see the random poses he would do, lols :)

  3. First of all - love the outfit! That is a damn cute outfit! And the posing of you and Neil together is great! :) So cute! You guys are such a cutie couple.

    LOL Okay, I loved the bitch post about the food because I kept laughing and laughing. (Also made me want more of the "this person..." emails.
    Yeah, I didn't know what those first couple items you listed were, but I know what veal is...and if someone had emailed you a menu, - or not even a menu, but the restaurant was picked and you knew you were going there and you had a special diet, why wouldn't you google it just to check before hand? Like, hello, prepare???
    I've heard them called "minus-the-veggies-vegetarians." Like, I'll eat macaroni and cheese, but not broccoli, god no.
    Yeah...where is this girl from? Seriously, it's like this old episode I saw of America's Next Top Model where they went out to dinner and they were just being horrible and stupid. I bet if she wasn't vegetarian, she would've asked them for ketchup for her steak.

    1. Thanks! I really wasn't sure with the flats, since I planned it with heels, but I like how it turned out. Matched Neil's "i'm just going to put a vest over a tshirt with slacks and sneakers" look, ha. we're so fancy.

      I resist being too bitchy on my blog posts because, well, a blog is just a 2 dimensional way to view a person and I don't feel like I'm this mega bitch, but I could see where it could seem that way if I'm always just ranting.

      I should have wrote down every time this girl was dumb. GOD WAS SHE STUPID. I will try to remember things and send it to you. We felt like we did our best to make sure this was an okay place for everyone to eat and she did nothing on her part at all. So frustrating. And she totally would be the ketchup for her steak kind of person.