Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Vegas Trip 2015 with Friends: Monday Night

I changed into some comfortable walking shoes and found the light switch! Neil decided to join my outfit photos, which I didn't mind. If only he would hold still!
We walk over to the Flamingo hotel where they had a small park area with various birds including Flamingos. We end up getting our first drinks at a place boasting two for one margaritas. They did not feel very strong. I loved the tacky bar stools!
Neil and I had a show to go to that evening that the rest of the group didn't want to go to (why I have no idea it was so amazing), so we hang out at a lounge for awhile before we separated. We went to this lounge because when we walked into the lobby, we were a group of FIVE guys and one shy girl lagging behind, and a guy hands them coupons for the lounge upstairs. I am the only one that notices we have to pass by a strip club to get to it. So sneaky coupon guy. But too bad these are your typical gaming nerds and were totally clueless.
THE SHOW, THOUGH!!! I would totally go again, it was sexy, hilarious, campy... SO MANY THINGS. I order a drink and they also pass out jello shots for the intermission! So... I was feeling REALLY good by the time the show was over. By now I've had a frozen margarita, two cocktails at the lounge, another cocktail at the show, and a jello shot. 
We meet up with the guys at a Mexican place nearby for dinner, me gripping Neil's arm smiling like crazy. FEELING GOOD, VEGAS. Maybe I should have eaten before all the drinking, ha. They had a live band who were taking suggestions, and Neil had a ball yelling out songs. They singer starting getting silly with the lyrics, making them up, even singing "no one knows what the real lyrics are anyway". He got a lot of tips from us since he kept us laughing.
We head back to our hotel room, make some more drinks, and watch the fountains. We played around with Shane's Tinder and crowdsourced our responses, but no one came to hang out with us. Dang.


  1. Looks like a fantastic night!
    Those barstools! And zombie burlesque! Who knew such a thing was a thing? OMG! I was never particularly into Vegas before becoming friends with you, but now I totally want to go there. :)

    1. I don't like to gamble so Vegas didn't really appeal to me very much, but after this trip I wouldn't mind going again! It's definitely best with a group, three days max, but I think two days/two nights would be best. Four was too many I think. BUT. Shows! Food! Drinking! Those are things I can get behind :)

    2. Exactly!!! I'm not a gambler (might as well piss my money away) but drinking, food, shows, comedy clubs, and I must awesome would a spa be? Like, not a whole day, but a massage or a mani/pedi or something? That is the Vegas I could get behind. Drinking while someone massages my feet and paints my toes? Hell yes.

    3. i think i would have to drink before a spa, i get so tense, ha, the opposite intended purpose. i like the IDEA of spas, though. my husband is not that great at massages so it would be nice to have a professional one ;)