Monday, August 8, 2016

Santa Cruz: Overnight Trip with my Sister


This trip was LAST SEPTEMBER! I think I had too many trips that year to keep up with (Vegas twice, Redding, San Diego, Disneyland and Santa Cruz). I meet up with my sister at the bus/train station downtown San Jose (early this time so we can get a seat!) and start our "adventure."

We are sitting there for a few minutes then she hands me a letter sealed in an envelope. She decided to write me a letter and watch me read it to let me know that she has had a boyfriend for ten months. TEN MONTHS GUYS. We spent a whole weekend on a train going to our dad's and she said NOTHING. Apparently, she wanted it to be a "surprise"...don't know why. The letter nor her explained that at all. In her mind, this was a huge deal, a birthday gift for me. How narcissistic do you have to be to think that I care that much about your relationship status? It's not like this was her first boyfriend...even then that would be weird. 

Really I was just pissed with her lying to me this whole time cause I did bring up dating to her a few times. And she didn't even say who it was in the letter but I was like, oh that guy that came by to pick up boxes? And her face fell a little and she was like, yeah, him. She had already told our dad and told him not to tell me. I have no idea how her mind works, why she wanted it to be this huge reveal. So fucking weird. She always has to make things more dramatic than they really are. She really wanted me to gush and prod and ask oh my god who is he!!!! Like we're in some stupid Disney show or something. 

So she purposely withheld information, lied to me, then presented it to me as a gift, because she really thought she was giving me this great thing and was enjoying keeping a secret for so long. So much what the fuckery.

The fact that she has purposely withheld information about her life is still super confusing to me. Kind of putting a wedge between us as I keep seeing how she purposely leaves me out of her life and continues to use the phrases "if my friends were here I would be (enjoying myself, having more fun), "I'm different around my friends" "I can't wait to do this with my friends" okay, okay, I get it. I'm not your friend, just your sister that pays for shit got it. Oh wait, I'm not even a sister because she says she sees me more like an aunt. What. We only have one aunt and she doesn't even remember meeting her so.... yeah.

Back to the trip. Hotels are expensive in Santa Cruz, even during the "off" season... Well, I thought September was the off-season but I guess not! I didn't want to go super crappy, but I couldn't afford a nice view of the beach. We ended up with a place within walking distance of downtown. This cost me about 250 for one night! Vegas is sooooo much cheaper, guys.
I bought a cheap set of sheets off of Amazon (if you are wondering why... Santa Cruz is dirty. It has a lot of gutter punks, and since this was one of the "cheaper" hotels, I just assumed the clientele isn't always tourists. We stripped the bed right away and made it with the clean sheets. The room was warm enough that the sheet was enough to cover us. I also bought us some slipper socks, and we didn't use the shower. Probably overkill, but I don't care. I love you Santa Cruz, but yeah. 
We spend the afternoon downtown window shopping then head down to the wharf for dinner. By the time we get to the wharf, the temperature has dropped about 20 degrees. I'm not even exaggerating. There were people in shorts changing into just bought sweatpants outside of the stores. We end up having to buy matching sweatshirts before we get dinner.
I get some oysters and a shrimp dish, my sister ordered a clam chowder bread bowl. We shared a creme brulee for dessert. My sister has this weird thing where she will only drink around her friends (apparently I do not count as one), so I was the only one that ordered an alcoholic drink. 
On our way back to the hotel, we pass by a Trader Joe's and pick up some late night snacks (not the wine, she just thought it was neat it had her name on it). We watch a little bit of TV then hit the hay. I also noticed that there was a bottle opener on the back of the bathroom door. That's a perk I've never seen in a room before.


We get up early and walk back to downtown and get some coffee and pastries. On our way to the wharf (again), a waitress setting up tables stops us and tells us we are just too adorable in our Santa Cruz Sweatshirts and Santa Cruz coffee. Ha. I like being a tourist.
 Once on the wharf, we find a bench to watch the sea lions swim and sunbathe. It had been awhile since I wanted to watch the sea lions, and my original vantage points (there were cutouts in the middle of the wharf to look down) had been sealed over!!! I was super sad until I found this bench. I just love these creatures, they are like dog mermaids. A seagull decided to hang out and I tried to sneak him some crumbs (did manage a few!) before a security guard starting "nonchalantly" hanging around our bench. Okay, yes, I will follow the rules.

We check out and head back to our bus home. I cannot take a normal selfie without taking an absurd one as well. Too much Neil influence ;)
All in all, a really nice staycation type thing and I wouldn't mind doing it again. With someone else. Though maybe during a cheaper month than September. Watching the ocean waves during a storm is a really awe inspiring thing (just don't get too close! So maybe a winter stay would be fun).


  1. Ha ha I crack up at the sisterly tension! (I'm an only child though so I have no idea how annoying it must be!). Is she a Scorpio? My Mom is a Scorpio and she can also often be kind of secretive, she has to find a way to make things more complicated/manipulative in a way, it's super annoying. Like she's always looking to break the rules/challenge authority. Anyway how cool that the Sea Lions hang out there! Do people feed them/why is it they like to chill there? I love that you brought your own sheets, wow would I do that if I ever had any extra room in my luggage!

    1. I have five siblings, you can take your pick. My husband is an only child too, he has a hard time understanding all the ins and outs of sibling relationships! They can be complicated.

      She is a Pisces, the weirdest of the signs. Just look up vulnerable narcissist, fits her to a T. Thinks she is smarter/prettier/better than everyone but also has low self esteem... so strange.

      You are not suppose to feed the wild life! They like to hang out there to sun themselves, if the wharf wasn't there, they would find exposed rocks or beach to loaf around on.

      I got the sheets idea from one of my friends, she doesn't always stay at the nicest places so she brings her own pillow and fitted sheet. Genius! The set was less than $20 on amazon so it was worth it.

    2. Oh Pisces..yeah I don't know if I have much experience with them! I was friends with a Pisces co-worker once who was a total weirdo but nice...but mostly weird! I think we all have narcissistic traits sometimes, but it is only in the past few years I have had to deal with an actual (imho) diagnosable narcissist person - tbh I try not to anymore, it's too much hard work. I hope your sister is like, low level narcissist because that is no joke. But I guess if anyone can deal with them it's family, family will at least call them on their bad bahavior, whereas in friendships they seem to thrive on pushing people to the limits of all reasonable friendship type behavior.

  2. $250 FOR ONE NIGHT?!? Santa Cruz, I will not be in you any time soon (I did drive by you once, though). But I would love to see those sea lions!

    I have no idea how to navigate the Sibling Seas - I come from The Isle of Only Children. I've never had too many problems with Pisces, but Cancers and Pisces usually get along - similar crazy, I think.

    1. Yeah, if I wanted a "nicer" hotel, it was going to be 300 or more a night O.O I was very surprised. It's fucking Santa Cruz not San Francisco. Sea Lions are a must! Though you can see them in places in San Francisco and San Diego as well. Early morning when the water is up is a great time in Santa Cruz to see them. Later in the day if its really warm, they hide further under the wharf and it's hard to see them.

      So many only children!!! My husband is an only child as well so sometimes its hard for him to understand the complicated relationships that siblings have. I have five siblings to deal with. Right now my younger sister has blocked me on Facebook for a different reason. She is being very difficult and trying right now.

  3. Ha ha the sister story was hilarious - I kept thinking how it sounded like some sort of weird reality show thing and also with the "big reveal" and all these reality show elements and it was just really funny in my mind. Sorry maybe not so funny to you, but at least you share it funny. :)

    Never seen a bottle opener on the back of a door either...gotta say...that says a little something about the hotel right there. ;) I think I'll take your word for it and just take Vegas instead. But a staycation is nice, and it seems like at least there was plenty to do.

    1. It's funny in that funny/annoying/frustrating sibling way ;)

      Yeah, if you have to pick where to spend your money, it will go waaay farther in Vegas! I think my brother got his round trip ticket plus four nights in Vegas (on the strip!) for $450. Such a deal!!!

      I can always find things to do (in places I'm familiar!) so that's not a problem for me. Well, as long as I have a companion. I get shy on my own.