Wednesday, August 31, 2016

3 YouTube Suggestions for Your Viewing Pleasure

Hey guys, since I'm a famous YouTuber now, I thought I'd share some channels that I subscribe to. All the video's I've embedded are the first videos I watched on each channel.

You Suck At Cooking

My husband found this via Reddit (if you browse Reddit as much as we do, you suddenly realize why their tagline is "the frontpage of the internet" because, within a day, a good portion of blogs I follow do posts on stuff that was posted on Reddit first) and it is flippin' HILARIOUS. Like, I legit giggle out loud. Alone. 

The Odd 1s Out

Not sure where I saw the first video (probably Reddit...). I was watching it when Neil and the guys were playing Magic and they were amused by my giggling alone on the couch. I like funny things, okay? But seriously, the thing with the dogs? I totes do that with my cats! And they are super mean to me too!!! This guy has gotten really popular really quickly, and I'm very happy about that because it means MORE VIDEOS! Yay :)

Take Some Crime

I found this video when I was looking for a song I heard from a commercial and fell in love with his dancing style. The quality of the videos has definitely improved, along with his dancing and fashion. I wish my body could move like that! Kind of. You know, without all the work involved.

Do you already follow these guys? Any channel suggestions of your own?


  1. Sheesh, I go away for a couple of weeks and you go and become a Youtube star, I can say I knew you when! ;-) I have a feeling I am going to get into these channels, I am not a normal adult and I kind of suck at cooking and I love dance vids so thanks! :-)

    1. Ha, I know, so famous ;)
      I actually want to make some of the recipes from the you suck at cooking videos, they seem yummy. without all the odd steps, ha.

  2. It's been a long time since I've gone down the rabbit hole of YouTube, but I love your recommendations!!

    I always think I can make my body move like dancers' whenever I watch them - like, yeah, I could do that. Then I try it and I'm all like, I was mistaken!!! Loving the music!!

    1. I'm the same way with dancing! One day I decided, I'm going to try to twerk. I don't know why. So I set up the full length mirror and some tunes and I was like... er, why is my body not moving. It's like I'm made of stone or something.

  3. Finally I got around to watching these - You Suck at Cooking is officially my new favorite thing! After watching the beet dip I watched a bunch of other ones and kept laughing so hard - it just made my day, which is impressive, given all the givens.
    I love the Odd 1 Out guy, but I wasn't really aware he did youtube vidoes, so yay! (And I totally do the same thing with Isabelle and she is very stuck up and stubborn and bitchy too.) :)
    And that dancing! I want to be able to move like that! These are awesome! If you ever come across or feel like sharing more cool channels, please do! :)

    1. i've started watching his videos from the beginning, his dry delivery just kills me. my husband doesn't like the things i make the cats say, he thinks it's too mean and his little babies would never say that, ha.

      once i have new things to share i will do a post! sometimes it's hard to know if your taste is someone else's taste, especially with youtube videos it seems. sometimes my husband thinks something is SO FUNNY and i'm like, meh? most of the time we like the same things but every once in awhile... ha.