Monday, June 20, 2016

Weekend Snapshots | 6-20-16

Hey guys, remember that I use to join this link up? I finally got my act together this weekend! Did help that I actually had something to write about and not just you know, sat on the couch, ate ice cream. But I totally did sit on the couch and eat ice cream.

You should join too! The hosts for this link up are 3twentysix and Reinvention of Jessica.


Went to my friend's baby's first birthday party in the morning, of course, we got there right on time so that meant too early ;) Helped with putting up decorations and made some brownie bites. I really need to figure out how to smile without it looking so gummy, ugh. Back to my no teeth smile.

In Korea, they have a tradition for the first birthday where they place certain items in front of the baby and whatever item the baby reaches for indicates their future. So there was a computer mouse for tech/engineering, string for long life, spoon for never hungry, book and pen for academics, money for wealth, and a ball for sports. Each parent kind of decides what to put in front, but the general idea applies. They had us vote on which item the birthday boy would reach for and guess who won? My husband! Ha. (Owen reached for the computer mouse).

Neil's work had an "old" couch in their storage they didn't want any more, so we went and picked it up with the help of the Shanes. Not sure exactly where we are going to put it, but as I told Kitner (Shane 2), I'm not at that stage in life where I'm going to say no to free things, especially a brand new couch. And he was like, wait, there's a stage in life where you say no to free things??? LOLSSSS. I blurred out the boxes because even though they aren't medical charts, just felt like a HIPAA violation otherwise.

Dropped it off at home, went and got some See's candy and a late lunch/early dinner at Nick the Greek. They played magic while I did a little bit of yard work and gardening (I finally decided to buy some zucchini and lemon cucumber plants. Also some more mint, hopefully, this one will survive).

Tinkered around with Shane's Tinder and OkCupid profile, dang people have it easy these days. Yet suck at making profiles. Thinking of doing a post on profile cliches and how annoying they are. Oh, you like food and to have fun??? Congratulations on having a personality slightly better than a cardboard box. But I did get a few matches for him and got some conversations started. Okay. One conversation. I'm not saying I'm good at this either! Ha. I'm so proud of Kitner for actually going out of his comfort zone and going on a DATE even!!! I've seen such a growth in him this past year.

My husband bought me this cool zen board, where you "paint" with water then it fades away. He felt it would help me learn my brush strokes for my new hobby, and help me chill out, lols. It's pretty cool, and I'm really excited to improve my skills! I really, really want to paint these palms trees that we pass by every day on the way to work, they are my favorite. I think I might try to do my first painting with black acrylic and try color later.


More housework and yard work that I didn't get done the day before, hung out with turtle a bit and then we went to Neil's aunt's house for Father's Day and Chinese food. Taught my niece how to play MASH, we made up our own categories to make it more silly, she loved it.

Shane also stopped by cause he forgot his sunglasses and dropped off some yummy homemade shortbread caramel thing.


  1. I am always happy to see Turtle! :-) Looks like a fun and productive weekend, good luck with the mint! I have only tried herbs indoors, they always die on me! ;-0

    1. I'm going to try to hang out with him more often outside, it just gets so hot! But he likes to chill with people, he is so personable. My plants usually die, I've got a few outliers that are still alive, and I keep my fingers crossed every day for them ;)

  2. OMG, I have a Buddha Board!!! I love that thing. Jack uses it more than I do, though. I really like your palm tree - the technique looks good.

    1. My cats keep trying to rub their faces on it and drink the water, cause you know, everything is theirs ;)

  3. Lots of stuff in there. :)
    That Korean birthday tradition was pretty cool and interesting. I am definitely going to keep this in mind just in case.
    I don't want to brag or anything, but I can grow weeds really well.

    1. It's definitely been pretty interesting learning about Korean culture! I'm so curious once her son starts to talk, how he will differentiate korean from english.

      If there is a business for growing foxtails, I totally got that covered.