Sunday, June 12, 2016

Sunday Confession | 6-12-16

The United States of Becky

I Confess

My newest internet obsession has been color and style analysis and I understand like none of it. Particularly this list for style:


And I've been going through these pinterest boards and I just can't figure out what I would be. I think I'm a three combo, like something with the ingenue and gamine, maybe dramatic? But want I think looks cute vs what looks cute on me is very different. I don't even want to say how much time I've spent on this. You can get a better idea on the blended styles here. I know for sure I'm not ethereal.

Color wise I think I'm a true spring. Maybe. What do you think? Why am I even bothering, I don't really care. Or do I. My time spent says otherwise.

That's all I have to confess right now.


  1. I got obsessed with it too for awhile and came away non the wiser. I'm definitely not a winter, I know that much I think. I veer between thinking I am a soft summer or a warm spring, which I don't even know if they are alike really. I think you looked cute in lime green t shirt you wore in Popsugar vid - that's a true Spring colour I think? I can do like, coral and fuschia but not many other bright colours, NO yellow except maybe a dirty mustard which leads me back to autumn...agh! The gamine stuff - that stuff is WAY confusing!

    This blogger I follow did hers awhile back and she put up her picture next to the different season swatches on her blog and you could def. see which one was best that way.

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one to be confused!Apparently there are professional "drapers" that figure out your color and makeup for you. Had no idea that was a thing. Someone even mentioned their mom paid for a session when they were FOUR. What.

      I will have to check out that blog post about it! I'm still so interested despite not understanding. I think I will take a photo with me wearing the same shirt but different colors... hmm.

  2. Wow I enjoyed this - it was a little like getting sucked into a vacuum of style and confusion. Right away I was like "yup, my style is natural." No questions there. The combination for me would be natural-gamine. I don't have a tiny or boyish figure, but...I mean...the style and the sort of tomboy attitude is definitely me to a T.
    I pretty much agree with you about your style and colors. And WTF is with ethereal? I mean, I imagined it to be closer to a boho thing with long skirts and flouncy tops and shit and suddenly I see models dressed as faeries. Um...we just stepped out of reality.
    Dude, I don't even know about color. I think maybe(?) I am a soft or true autumn. Hard to say, but that would be my guess.

    1. ive been pinteresting those types now, just to see what comes up. not sure if it will influence my shopping choices, its just been another internet rabbit hole i've created for myself, you know, instead of doing stuff i should be doing ;)

  3. You mean you don't dress like a fairy every day if you're an ethereal? If that's wrong, then I don't want to be right.....

    I know I'm a dark winter - no question about that (I've been draped - whatttttt!) My high school had a hands on career center where you could choose to take a vocational path that would actually lead to real work after high school and one of the vocations was fashion - I went on a field trip to the campus to see if I was interested in the program and as part of the pitch to take fashion design they did a draping and I was the guinea pig.

    That website is totally interesting and sounds like someone took fashion design and then wrote a website about fashion theory and badly described everything - she obviously has a lot of knowledge on the subjects but I think she's not very good at actually communicating that knowledge in an usable way. It's all so confusing!!! Or maybe she's just presenting so much information at once that's it overwhelming.

    Either way, that site is hella fun! *waves fist in air* damn you internet rabbit hole

    1. Yes, it does seem like they took a semester or class on fashion theory and tried to condense it! I don't feel like I'm a super dense person, it was so hard to follow. Maybe they did it as a class assignment... I came across it from femalefashionadvice on reddit, but it kind of seems like a way to sell those dumb color cards.

      you've been draped!!! how funny i've just introduced myself to this world and i'm totally late to the party, of course. i'm not color blind, but i'm not confident with colors, im always like, i think this goes? or not? maybe?