Friday, June 24, 2016

PopSugar Must Have | June 2016

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PopSugar Must Have June 2016

Hat Attack | Neutral Diamonds Printed Sarong [$58]
Sisters of Los Angeles | Cheers Bottle Opener [$12]
Wild and Wolf | RIdley's Games Room "Who Am I?" Quiz [$13]
NCLA | Born on the 4th Nail Lacquer [16]
Knock Knock | Are you ready (for your close up) Compact [10]
Pacifica | Underarm Deodorant Wipes [$9] 
Pressels |Siracha [$1.29]

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  1. I like the idea of the nail polish, a sort of instant 4th of July in a bottle. Any attempts I have made at arty manicures end badly! I was going to say I'm amazed someone who lives in California isn't perpetually in a swimsuit/at the beach etc, but then I remembered that one summer I lived in Florida I think I went to the beach/pool maybe a couple of times! It's only on vacation/now I live in a land of no sun I am obsessed with beach holidays. I totally buy deodorant wipes, I'm a little ocd about sweat/being smelly! ;-0

    1. I'm enjoying the glittery polish! Its perfect for my skill level ;)

      Don't think I'm your typical California girl, I avoid the sun as much as I can, lols. I lather on SPF just for the commute to work. Even on vacation I don't bother packing a swim suit, I know I'm not going swimming ;)

    2. I was very much a sun avoider too until I moved to this rainy little island!