Monday, April 11, 2016

Weekend Snapshots 13

Weekend Snapshots brought to you by the palm trees at my local shopping center. So exotic.

All this is from last week, which is kind of good that I was lazy about posting because this weekend was super boring and nothing of note really happened. We did finish putting the shed together... by we I mean my husband and the Shanes.

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Got some errands done in the morning, then did some yard work with my younger brother and my husband. People came over and we had a nice bbq. Hung out with my turtle and kitties, so always makes a good day :)

It was my friends bday and she wanted to have a girls day in San Francisco, her favorite US city :) The plan was to get out nails done (they got pedicures, I got my hands done) and then head up to the city and get lunch and shop. Unfortunately for me I was feeling uneasy about work so I didn't want to spend too much money.

I don't normally get my nails done, I had just purchased some nail wraps from my friend Jessica and was going to try them out for this weekend, but then they wanted to get our nails done so I was like, okay, I can try to do girly things. This was my third time in my life getting my nails done*. It is nice! But I don't know if it's really something I would seek out on my own.

*In case you were wondering those other two times: when I was 14 before my trip to Tennessee and my sister had me get these super tacky pink fake nails, and when I was going to get married and got a simple french tip on my natural nails.

Ha, BUT. The lady getting her nails done next to me. She couldn't sit down because she just got her butt done (ya that's right, HER BUTT), and I got to hear all about it. She went all the way to Miami to get it done (I'm guessing cause West Coast is all about them titties and East Coast (south? I know Floriday is considered South but really?) is all about that junk. Seriously though, everyone here gets their boobs done.) and couldn't sit on the plane for like FIVE HOURS. I wonder how you explain that to the airline. She is going to get her boobs done later, after she can sit down, ha. Which is still like ANOTHER MONTH. Two months of no sitting! What kind of job does she have, like, what is her life even. She also had lipo done, and talked about how bleh she feels with not being able to go to the gym, she's like addicted to it now. Um, if you were addicted to the gym, why would you need lipo done, just saying. Her boyfriend was getting a pedicure done and looked like an Eminem wannabe. My two friends asked me why she wasn't sitting and when I told them they were like, we knew that wasn't her butt!!! (She was Asian in case you couldn't figure that one out. But looked like an Asian girl trying to look like a black girl trying to look white. I don't know.) It was really trashy, fake looking. Like a mini Kardashian butt. The girl was in love with it though. "Totally worth it". We started joking that the boyfriend payed for it, but what if they broke up... My friend said a little too loudly "Give me back my butt!!!" hahahahahha.

Headed up to the city (that's what people here call San Francisco. Not San Fran. And definitely not Frisco) and got a lovely brunch, mine was the steak and eggs. Delicious! We all got different cocktails, of course I had to get the one with bourbon. Yum.

Spent the rest of the afternoon in and out of shops, and then my friend got her eyebrows done. All pretty for her trip to Korea! She is leaving for a month and a half so her family can finally meet her baby in person.

It was a lot of walking and talking and I was exhausted. I also had a coffee way too late in the day.... So I got a few hours of sleep and started crashing Monday afternoon. Ha.

I had a ton of fun though, and hope to hang out with these two ladies again.

I also like how most of my recap was of that stranger's butt.


  1. Cool manicure! I used to get them done once in a while in NYC just because it's actually weirdly cheap there compared to other places (it costs a fortune in Scotland!). Is it weird I was to see a picture of the Kardashian butt? How can you live that long without sitting?! So weird! I have never had steak and eggs, never really understood it but that looks good! San Francisco is definitely on my bucket list, sounds like you had a great girl's day out! :-)


      in the bay area we have problems with "massage" parlors, its just so ugh.
      if you visit san francisco, do some research first! they were doing major construction and my friend commented that she hoped no one was on their dream vacation to the area for the first time because a lot of stuff was closed off.
      no steak and eggs! eggs make everything breakfasty ;)

  2. Okay, that brunch looks super yummy. I want it right now.
    I loved the whole stranger butt story. Butts are such a weird thing. I see it all over the internet and instagram and everybody wants a big poppin' butt and I'm's great to have a nice butt, but um...this is a very weird trend.

    1. this butt thing is a weird trend, like even to the point of sex, where anal seems to be the thing every one does now. no hate or anything, but it seems like people are way more open about whether they do that or not. like, what's the next "level". omg. that reminds me of a reddit thread about people being surprised with gonorrhea... so this girl went the er cause she had an infection on her stoma from her ostomy surgery. the infection was actually gonorrhea... because her husband was having sex with her there!!!! omg. sorry. gross.

    2. As in....they created a hole for drainage...and he the drainage hole?

    3. In her stoma?!!!? What. TheFuck???

    4. Ha, yes, I'm sorry for sharing the story because I was like what the fuck did I just read, but I haven't had any conversation that made sense to bring it up. My brain kind of forced it in here, lols. HER FLIPPIN SECOND POOP HOLE GUYS. WHY IN ALL THAT IS SACRED I DON'T KNOW. The worst (?) part is, she didn't know he was infected. He got it from cheating on her. But like, even if she didn't want to admit they had sex there, ALL THE NURSES KNEW. UGHHHHH.

    5. The second Shawn came home from work one night I jumped on him and told him this story about the stoma and he was like WHAT THE HELL ARE PEOPLE THINKING!?!?! It was great to be able to re-tell it. I loved this entire thread.

  3. I totally lost track of what I was going to say because of that ostomy story above.

    I love your mani!!! Even though I'm into Jamberry, I was seriously into polish and DIY nail art for a long time before that - like I probably have 300+ colors of polish at home (that I haven't used in years). I used to get my nails done regularly (like fake tips and all) when I was working for my dad doing construction - the perfect time to be sporting fake nails, I know.

    That butt story is hilarious!!! I can't even imagine not being able to sit down for that long - torture. Glad you had a good weekend!!!