Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Weekend Snapshots | 12

This weeks snapshots brought to you by my cutie cat snuggling with me on the couch. Soya doesn't always like to cuddle with me so I had to snap a photo!

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After work we met up with our friends that just moved back into the area and browsed around the JCPenny that was/is closing then went to a British pub to celebrate St. Patrick's. I had their fish and chips which were super tasty and a Guinness. My husband and Ty both had black and tans. The place was packed, and I heard a lot of Irish accents, and a table behind us were doing Irish car bombs. Apparently they weren't doing it "right" according to my husband who was facing them. Could be their first time? I never even heard of an Irish car bomb or dumping a shot in beer before Neil. I had no idea what I was doing when he bought me one the first night we met. So two firsts that night, ha. Again, I really need to write about a how we met post.

Neil said he told me but if he did I forgot, that people were coming over that night to hang out. We had taken the day off to get yard work and chores done since the weekend was full of plans, but I was still taking my sweet time until he was like, people will be over in a hour. Um, what. I'm not dressed, the dished aren't done, and the floor needs to be swept, and the couch area is cluttered... AHHH. Ok. Did not spend my time wisely that day.

Went to Chipotle and Five Guys for dinner and re-watched the Departed (Neil and I had just watched it the night before as our "Irish" movie for St. Patricks, ha. A far departure from my usual Quiet Man) since we found out none of them had watched it before.

Got up early to pick up the Shanes to go to the Silicon Valley Comic Con. It opened at 10 so we wanted to get there as soon to that as possible. It was suuuuuper crowded, or at least I thought. We were smart to get there early! When we left at 12:30 to get lunch and then came back, the line for registration went out the building, down the street, and around the block!!!

We walked a few blocks to a lunch place Neil likes to eat at; I got a yummy caprese grilled cheese sandwich. His tummy was bothering him a bit so we stopped by his work to use the bathroom and then headed back to the con.

We looked at all the various booths, husband bought me another DeadPool tee, he got some business cards to maybe possibly buy some art or have some commissioned, visited our friend at the Netflix booth, and then we waited in a long line (3000+ people) for the panel for Back to the Future. The improv comedy club had set up a stage at the end of the line and the poor comics just died up there, it was so sad. It was not the right crowd for them.

The panel consisted of Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, and Lea Thompson. They were all very funny and handled the questions from the crowd well. There were some... weirdos.

I didn't take many photos at all. One, it was very crowded, and two, I'm too shy to ask to take photos of people in costume. Some day.

We came back to the house and drank and played around with some Japanese DIY candy kits. You know, how you do.

No meal prep this day because I didn't do the grocery shopping I meant to do on Friday, though I'm glad I didn't because I did NOT have the energy to do it. We walked almost four miles the day before, a lot of exercise for me! Plus we had a birthday to go to. We met up with some friends at a bowling alley. My husband use to be in a bowling league in high school so had all the professional gear (powder for the bottoms of his shoes??). I was just happy to knock down a pin or two, ha.


  1. I really want to go to a -Con someday! My friend and I have this thing where we want to go to a Supernatural one but we don't live in the same country so it's hard. I miss bowling!

  2. OMG Michael J. Fox!!!! And Christopher Lloyd!!! OMG, OMG, OMG!!! Sorry, fangirl moment, lol. I love going to cons, but I always feel like I'm not quite geeky enough to actually be there. Dennis and I have thrown out some cosplay ideas, so if we go in costume, I might feel a little more like I belong there. We really want to dress Jack up as a WarBoy from the most recent Mad Max movie.

    That grilled cheese looks amazing!!! I used to do a lot of bowling in high school, but never to the point of powdering my shoes. That is hard core!! Also, your bowling score is totally respectable. I'm always happy if I break 100 - preferably 150.

  3. All the funs! I so want to attend a Something-Con one of these days.
    That sandwich looks so yummy and I am fantasizing about it right now.

    1. With your anxiety, not sure if it's crowd enticed, definitely need to prep before hand knowing its going to be VERY CROWDED. but luckily there (well, where i've gone) are long stretches of hallway to rest against and get a break. I was definitely ready to go home as was my younger brother. three day pass? no thanks.

      i've been trying to make flexitarian decisions when eating out so i'm kind of sad lent is going to be over. good bye fish sandwiches!