Monday, March 14, 2016

Weekend Snapshots | 11

This weeks snapshots brought to you by purple cabbage! It turned the water a lovely teal before it darkened into purple. So awesome, wasn't expecting that. The recipe was having me do a quick pickle on them (which involves sugar and vinegar and is much tastier than you would think. or at least, I think so).

You should link up, too! Reinvention of Jessica and 3twentysix are the two lovely hosts.

My brother came over in the morning to pick up his bird cage he had left when he was living here and then he went with us to Lowe's to pick up an ax. My husband is hoping to chop down a tree ;) I wanted to check out the plants, and came across some interesting ones. Trying to make up my mind what I want to plant this year (not going to be planting another avocado tree any time soon, but never heard of a bacon one!). We then grabbed Chipotle for lunch. 

There were some shoes that just came out that my husband wanted to get for work (they had mentioned one time a long time ago that he couldn't wear athletic looking shoes, but they seem to not care any more) and spent the day trying to cancel the online order since they then had a promo for twenty percent off the next day. It was a bit of a hassle, but he went to pick them up in store and also brought home doughnuts! It's a new place (new to us) and one is going to open near us soon and he wanted to check them out. They make them to order, so they aren't just sitting around in the case all day. You can customize your doughnut with any glaze and topping or go with their pre-made combinations. I just stayed home and snuggled with my kitties.
Meal prep day!


Alfredo Sauce
Hard Boiled Egg

Seasoned Ground Turkey
Mashed Cauliflower
Roasted Brussel Sprouts
Hard Boiled Egg

I learned from last week to put all the extras in another container to be my lunch for Friday. Woot, utilizing left overs! The seasoned ground turkey was suppose to be a meatloaf, but I had boiled all the eggs last week, forgetting to put aside a couple for this week! Whoops. Oh well. I'm also not too happy with giving myself two carbs (pasta and couscous) for my lunch but I had run out of veggies to use. I was thinking of maybe sauteing some onions, maybe I'll do that next week. I have a whole bunch that I haven't used with my Blue Apron meals because my husband hates onions. I did all this week from my grocery shopping over two weeks ago and various pantry items.

I still haven't really planned for the next three weeks though! I need to go grocery shopping at the end of this week so I need to get on that already. I don't want to mess up my prepping streak I've got going on.
for the briefest of seconds, I was in the top posts of #tikithursday. that top left one is Alton Brown's and the bottom left is mine!!! hahahahahaha


  1. #tikithursday is a thing?!!? SO AWESOME!!! I love tiki, I love kitsch, I love fruity drinks! If I ever get back to decorating my house, our dining room is supposed to be tiki themed - eventually.

    I had no idea purple cabbage would turn water teal - but it sounds like a pretty combination. And the pickled cabbage sounds yummy. And I bet it would be great on fish tacos.

    I'm eternally impressed with your food prepping. I'm exhausted just thinking about it!

    1. I love tacky, kitschy, tiki things! That would be such a cool theme for a living room! Right now I just have a few items in the kitchen and backyard. I wish there was a fun tiki bar in my city, I would go all the time.

      It was my first time boiling purple cabbage! I think you are so right about the taco thing, that actually sounds really good. I will have to remember to try that.

    2. At our old house, we had a tiki hut in the backyard, complete with bamboo bar, and we would have these HUGE tiki parties every summer - like 200 people at the party huge. I have an entire collection of exotica/lounge music that I bought just for the parties (and turns out I love playing around the house all the time). Tiki makes me excited is what I'm getting at, lol

    3. omg, 200 people??? that sounds like an epic tiki party! i wouldn't even know how to logistically plan for a 200 person party o.O

  2. That's so weird/cool the cabbage turned the water teal! I think I only ever used red cabbage to make coleslaw. Tiki reminds me of college, drinking scorpion bowls, good times! The name of the doughnut company is memorably weird! I am jealous of this weeks menu particularly as I am married to someone who doesn't like alfredo sauce or the whole chicken broccoli pasta combo thing. Now I am hungry!

    1. Chicken alfredo is so delicious! that's too bad your husband is not a fan, i like how easy it is to make.

      I kind of want to cook purple cabbage again just for the color change, ha.

  3. That doughnut place sounds amazing!
    And wow - you are a meal prepping machine - good on you!
    I have no idea what this tikithursday is you speak of, but well done. ;)

    1. You know how thursday is like #throwbackthursday (tbt), and monday is #mancrushmonday (mcm) and tuesday is #tacotonguetuesday, and saturday is #caturday, and sunday is #sundayfunday? there are all kinds of hashtags that correlate to the day of the week. i'm sure there are a billion more, i just noticed the tiki thursday hashtag through altons account :) and i love me some tiki. and alton.

      i did not meal prep this week... ahhh, a break in my three week streak.