Monday, March 7, 2016

Weekend Snapshots | 10

This is the tenth week I've participated in the Weekend Snapshots linkup, hosted by 3twentysix and Revinventing Jessica! This weeks photo brought to you by the lovely flowers blooming in my front yard right now. I'm a bit obsessed with them since they will be gone once the rain goes. Sad Face.

A friend of mine hosted game night at her and her husband's home, plus curry for dinner! Her brother was there and they are so funny together, I really like their relationship. We played a bunch of Wii games and doted on Stuart (her dog, TOO CUTE). My husband and I ubered there so we wouldn't have to worry about drinking and driving #responsibleadults

It was a rainy day so I spend most of the morning lazing on the couch drinking (too much) coffee and browsing the internet on my laptop. I really didn't get my butt into gear until the afternoon (to get chores done). My husband sorted more Magic cards and cataloged into some data base thing he has set up on his laptop. SO SERIOUS, SO PROFESSIONAL.

Bob, my brother, and Other Shane came over to play Magic with Neil and we ordered pizza and boneless wings for dinner. They came an hour late though. So hungry! The delivery guy mentioned there was a fight on tv or something? He was nice and in a good mood despite being swamped with orders and driving in the storm. We ended up with a free 2 liter of soda though! Ha.

My meal prep day, two weeks in a row now! It went pretty well last time so I'm going to try to keep this up. It does take a bit of planning but it really makes the week much easier. I noticed though that the snack and munchie options were a bit limited for my husband, so I made some jello and hard boiled eggs this week to give him more variety. He always has pickles and air popped popcorn as a choice, but I'm not sure if he is getting tired of those!

Black Beans
Brown Rice and Quinoa
Carrots and Green Beans

Grilled Chicken
Sweet Potatoes

Nuts, Hard Boiled Eggs, Jello

And all this was made from groceries I had already bought last time, and pantry items. Go me! I'm hoping to make grocery trips every three weeks. So let's see how next week goes! Oh crap, that means I need to plan for the next three weeks of meals. Gotta get on that.


  1. So is it a low carb-ish thing your hub is doing? Maybe celery/carrot sticks and hummus or olives for a snack? There are these cracker things here called Ryvita, I think maybe they have a version in America, I seem to remember I ate them when I was desperate for a carb-y thing because they are not that high in carbs I don't think. I also used to eat cottage cheese with the jello, which I know sounds gross but it's not that bad and more filling than just jello/has some protein. I ate cottage cheese with a few nuts and some cinnamon for breakfast sometimes because eggs without bread make me nauseous/plus I got bored of them.

    I can't wait for tulips! We are just starting to get crocuses here, but it has also snowed so far almost every day, just a flurry but weird, it rarely snows where I live!

    1. i'm just trying to do a high fiber, counting calories thing with my husband. no food is off the table, as long as it fits into his daily calories, hence trying to find really low calorie snacks because once he starts snacking he wants to eat a lot.

      i had to look up crocuses! i'm not very versed in plant names :)

    2. Crocuses are so pretty! That's something I actually managed to grow once! I love canned peaches with cottage cheese, but I guess the sugar in the canned peaches kinda defeats the whole low-carb idea. Still yummy, though, and filling.

  2. We had pizza and boneless wings this weekend, too! We decided to pick up, though. I hate it when delivery is late (but I still tip - I know it's not *usually* the driver's fault). We used to live so far out that nobody would deliver to us - it's such a luxury to have delivery options now!

    I love how organized your husband is with his Magic cards. The only time I've been around Magic cards is when little kids have tried to explain the game to me (not that only little kids play - I know more adults that play than kids, it just seems like I'm constantly having a 5 year old try to explain the game to me and I'm constantly lost). The best way to learn a complicated card game is to have a 5 year old explain it to you.

    I have a love/hate relationship with tulips. They're so pretty, but don't last long enough.

    1. The weather was pretty bad so no one wanted to go pick stuff up, plus usually its just easier to have it delivered... usually.

      My husband is INSANELY organized with these cards. He has all of them color coded in the coordinating binder... not sure how exactly it works. I STILL DON'T GET THIS GAME and he watches professional matches on TV.

      i expect my tulips to lose their blossoms really soon. i really had no clue about them when i bought the mix of bulbs, but now i know.