Sunday, March 27, 2016

Sunday Confessions 3-27-16

The United States of Becky

I confess: Guess whose dumb ass left her phone at work. Yeah, me. My work is closed on the weekends, so yeah. FUUUUCK.

I confess: I made a bomb ass dinner on Friday. Could I Instagram that shit? Nope. WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS THE NINETEEN NINETIES!!!!! Does it even count if there is no photo of it. What is my life.

I confess: Seriously, though. I'm sad yo.

I confess: There will be no Weekend Snapshots because I cannot take any weekend snapshots.

I confess: So do I number the next Weekend Snapshots in sequential number? I think yes. Feels weird though.

I confess: A squirrel was pulling bark off of a tree in the backyard UPSIDE DOWN and I could not record it. It really happened. I swear.

I confess: Yes these are all going to involve my phone. Or lack there of.

I confess: I hate myself that I was so upset at first. I did get okay with it. I think I went through the seven stages of grief all in one night.

I confess: I could have gotten a photo of the Shanes and my husband trying to put together the new shed for Turtle. Nope.

I confess: We had the first fire pit of the year and Neil bought these cool packets that you throw in the fire and they make it all colorful. You will just have to imagine it.

I confess: I feel like I could make up anything right now and just claim too bad no photo. Not that I have. These have all been true confessions. But, like, I could.


  1. I saw bigfoot - no phone

    Aliens - no phone

    I ran into the Easter Bunny - no phone

    I guess the lesson here is that, yes, we still need point and shoot cameras, just in case.

    1. I do have a normal camera, but because I decided to move my desk before cleaning, I dumped all the stuff in a box so I could move furniture. So trying to find said camera bag, ugh. I think the universe was just trying to tell me no camera for you this weekend! ha, cause my brother did get VERY drunk and people didn't leave until four in the morning.

  2. I can envision it all anyway, sounds fun! I would be frustrated too without my phone for a weekend though! Hm what did we do in the 1990s instead of take cell phone pictures...I seem to remember some nature and doing stuff? I remember my friends and I did a lot of driving around listening to mix tapes. I dunno. There's not a lot of photographic evidence though! ;-0

    1. I am more than thankful that there isn't much photographic evidence of my high school years, ha! My fashion choices... oy.

      I still had my laptop, and PC so it's not like I'm tech deprived.... And i have a tablet upstairs somewhere. God. I sound spoiled.

  3. Some badass things - that squirrel? Animals are the freaking best!
    Plus, don't feel bad about not doing weekend snapshots this week - I haven't been doing them for no other reason than every week would be "I did laundry." "This is my dishwasher." "I'm reading a book again." "Watching netflix."

    1. Normally my weekends are pretty normal and routine, but the past month has been busy. I kind of need a boring routine weekend soon to be honest, ha. need to recharge my introvert levels.