Thursday, March 17, 2016

St Patrick's Good Luck Favors

Full disclosure, I made these last year. My coworkers loved them though! How could they not, they are adorable. Again, it's a super easy craft project to do, all you have to do is get all the materials and assemble, no skill required! My favorite.

The little bracelets were a little time consuming to do, especially if you have cats, and don't pay attention and don't put the beads on in the right order and have to redo them after you already tied the knot (thankgodtherewereextrastring), but either than that, easy peasy!
Candy Coated Chocolate Beads | Candy Warehouse
Bracelet kits | Oriental Trading Co

Bottles | Save on Crafts


  1. What a cute idea! They don't go big on St.Patrick's Day here, it's weird. Brits are basically like "Eh, it's an Irish holiday, whatever" And I'm all like "I am Irish!! Where's my green stuff at?!" ;-0

    1. Yeah, I think St Patricks is to Ireland as Cinco de Mayo is to Mexico ;) What can I say, we just love to celebrate everything, whether it makes sense or not!!! Funny enough, I went to a british pub on St Patricks and it was full of Irish, people wearing green, and irish car bombs ;)

  2. Since I'm Irish and Dennis is Mexican I've always said we should celebrate for the entire season between March 17 and May 5 and call it St. Patrick's de Mayo! Who's in?