Monday, February 29, 2016

Weekend Snapshots | 9

Weekend Snapshots brought to you by the lovely purple flowers on the tree in my backyard. This is a weekly linkup hosted by 3twentysix and The Reinvention of Jessica; check them out and link up too!

Woke up a little bit before 8am and got some cleaning done that I haven't gotten to in awhile. That included the tupperware shelf, fridge, and freezer. Tupperware gets so crazy!

Husband quick like finished mowing the other half of the back yard and then dropped me off for my wax appointment. From there I walked over to the grocery store and shopped alone. He felt that I would buy less junk if he didn't go (this turned out to be true). I felt like I was able to focus more without him there (this turned out to be very true). He can be so distracting and asks too many questions. I did have an oatmeal talk with a random old guy. Steel cut oats with raspberries is the best in case you were wondering, ha. He told me he had that for breakfast every morning, but he had time (you know, since he's retired). I did not go for steel cut, I do not have that kind of time in my life. Neil finds it amusing that if he leaves me alone, people will talk to me about the most random things. 

I was able to get my waxing and grocery shopping done in an hour! Go me. I wasn't even rushing. But having Neil not there meant the cashier wanted to make small talk with me. All the ughs. He asked what my plans were I say my husband's playing poker so who knows what I'm going to be doing then he asks me, well, what are your hobbies. My brain gets stuck on blogging, because that's what I was planning to spend the evening doing, but I don't want to mention my blog cause that feels weird, so I end up sounding like the stereotypical girl with no hobbies because I can't think of anything to say.I HAVE HOBBIES. I DO THINGS. I HAVE INTERESTS THAT DO NOT INVOLVE MY HUSBAND.

My husband picked me up and we got Baja Fresh for lunch. Neil had picked up the new game Street Fighters from Best Buy the night before so was playing that while I tried to start some blog posts. I'm glad this blog isn't my source of income because dang if I can stay focused.

We then painted some samples of paint to see how it would look with the door, and after the first two samples, I think I want to go darker... 

Why the paint? Remember a few months back and the leak that was coming from the upstairs computer room to the garage and we were thinking it was the window? Well, the window people came and it wasn't the window. They think it might be from when we had all those holes put in the walls for insulation. Or when the solar panels were installed. Either way, the best solution to prevent any future leaks is to paint the house. But lucky us there is also a huge gaping hole in the drywall upstairs (that they had to do to see where the water was leaking in from). So you know, two fun projects to throw money at. 

Samples of paint were on sale for 99 cents so we went back to Lowes to get some darker hues. We either never go to Lowes, or go there ALL THE TIME.

More general tidying up for Poker night, then I introverted upstairs. Woot, my favorite kind of evening. Well, after I played with Owen, my friends baby :) (not sure why my hand is glowing, I swear I'm not wearing gloves)

Woke up even earlier than I do for the work week, 7am! Not sure why. Made some coffee and relaxed on the couch in the silence. I love morning silence, it just feels different than evening silence...

I painted more patches of the darker colors* we picked up (okay, not liking the super dark one) and the new contractor that we are going to try out came to look at the various projects we need done.

Tried out some new shows: the Full House (Fuller House) re-boot and the James Franco one (11.23.63). Holy fuck, so intense! The 11.23.63 one, not the Fuller House obvi. They've only released two episodes, which sucks cause I totally want to binge, but good because I need a brain break.

I'm trying to take my husbands weight loss goals more seriously so I did some meal planning for breakfasts, lunches, and snacks for the week. I used an app to make it a bit easier. I was making him a different kind of lunch every day, but I was getting a little burnt out from trying to keep coming up with new things so often, so I'm trying out only two different meals, twice a week (he gets his own lunch on Fridays, so he can hang out with coworkers). Hopefully the meals are decent enough to eat twice!

Grilled Chicken
French Cut Green Beans
Rice with Mushrooms
Mashed Carrots

Orzo Salad
Mashed Carrots

Peanuts, Apples, Oranges

Oatmeal with raisins, freeze dried bananas and apples, brown sugar, cinnamon (not all together, I tried to mix it up to make it more interesting)

ProTip: Clean the kitchen counters completely before starting prep. Duh.
ProTip: Don't get sucked into watching TV and start prep too late in the afternoon that you are in your roommates way of making her dinner.
ProTip: Three cups is OBVIOUSLY too much rice. What were you thinking.
*If any of you have any preference in the colors (#1-5 starting on the top), let me know in the comments! Trim is going to stay white, if that helps.


  1. Oh my god you are so organized with the food, I am such a bad wife I can't even organize a dinner for the hub on my Pilates night - well I'm like, here is something easy you can cook, and get a stupid ready meal myself. For some reason I never remember to make something with leftovers the night before. Basically I have no organization skillz whatsoever.

    I read and liked that Stephen King book so I'm curious to watch the show at some point, though I did not picture someone like Franco in the part at all.

    I hate, with a passion, small talk with cashiers/baristas/whatever. It used to be way less American here, but lately they're all like "What are you doing today?" And I'm like "Please leave me alone and let me buy stuff without this awkwardness."

    I have never been to Baja Fresh, it sounds wholesome and Californian!

    Is your house the same color as the trim? I like all of the beiges, my favourite is the second darkest, but I also like the light one on the top right. :-)

    1. My husband sometimes gets a little complacent with what I do, I mean, he always thanks me for dinner and lunch, but he was starting to complain to me in text here and there if one of his tupperware leaked or whatever. And I told him, dude, we have the SAME LUNCH. What are you doing, drop kicking your lunch into your office??? He mentions this story to a mutual friend, and he was like wait, that's a thing? Your wife makes your lunch? My wife doesn't do that. Lols. Since then, no complaints from husband ;) But I am also trying to make sure things are put on tighter.

      I haven't read the book, so nothing to dash my imagination, but I really feel he is doing a good job in the part.

      I never even thought if Baja Fresh was regional or not... We have one super close, and it's not THAT much more expensive than Taco Bell, and our Taco Bell doesn't have a drive through, so we figure if we are going to get out of the car anyway, might as well go to Baja Fresh. Unless we are being super lazy, then we drive farther to the Taco Bell with a drive through, ha.

      Right now the house is a super light beige, with white trim around the windows, and random matte black around the garage. Its ugly and dumb. Our new contractor said we should stick with light colors, because the California sun will fade the paint, and the walls not in the sun will start to look different than the walls facing the sun.

  2. I kinda dig 2 & 4 - of course, hard to tell when not in person, but those are nice against the door.
    Such a cute pic of you with the little one! :)
    Oh, I have got to get my ass in gear with actually planning and prepping meals! PS - miss you on instagram. :)

      I think I need to take a photo of the paint when the sun is out as well, it was overcast that day.
      So far I've just done the one week of prep for lunch, and it's worked out pretty well! So hopefully I can get the same amount done this next Sunday.
      I need to figure out balancing taking photos for instagram and the weekend snapshots...

  3. I am so behind on blog commenting!!!

    What app are you using for meal prep? I always fantasize about meal prepping and then I just never get to it. I just bought a shit-ton of stuff for salads in an attempt to cut carbs - a sandwich and (healthy-ish) chips for lunch every day is doing me no favors.

    OMG, that baby is so adorable!!! My ovaries!!! I want another kid so bad...

    I'm terrible at picking neutral paint colors - I painted all the trim on our house and our garage apartment purple, so take my opinion with a grain of salt - but I like #4 the best. Can't wait to hear what color you pick!

    1. The app I'm trying out right now is called "Food Planner" ha. It's okay so far. I think I might try others just for comparison. Dinner I don't plan for, I do the blue apron which is 3 meals, the others either we grab something or I do a quick dinner of whatever I have on hand.

      Ha, omg if I picked purple I don't know what my husband would say. One, it would look blue to him (color blind), or at least what he thinks blue looks like, i really have no idea what he sees... i just know that he confuses purple and blue all the time. Anyway. I'm waiting to see the colors in the sun before I make up my mind! So stressful.