Monday, February 15, 2016

Weekend Snapshots | 7

Weekend Snapshots brought to you by my boobs. And Jessica over at Reinventing Jess and Ariana at 3twentysix

I woke up in a super cranky mood. I think I'm coming down with my husbands cold, and he kept me up all night with an upset stomach (hope I dont get that too!). Then I hear my roommate doing laundry, which I told myself I wasn't going to complain about stupid shit any more, because she only has two loads of laundry that she does, so it doesn't take much time, but damn, her day is Sunday! So I told myself to chill out, and made myself a tea and settled down to chillax with my computer upstairs which I hardly get to use any more because oh so busy and cats. Speaking of cats, Soya comes crying to me wanting attention and for me to go downstairs and open the back door so she can take a nap on the couch while I clean. WHY CAT, WHY.  Luckily my husband realized I was a crankzilla and stayed upstairs most of the morning. THANK YOU. I took a photo of the cat sleeping on top of him (which he hates, he says its so uncomfortable on his ribs). Izze has been way too clingy with him since he's been sick for his liking ;)

I got some chores done, then made some more tea and settled onto the couch with Toki and my laptop. The crankiness started to fall off in layers. I had to take the photo with my laptop so the quality is a bit weird. I was wearing my husbands sweater which he found cute. I don't wear his clothes often because they are sized 3X and I swim in them. But he mentioned later that I could raid his closet anytime I wanted, so I think that's a hint. I know its not a sexy look, it has to be the adorable factor.

Later that evening, the Shanes came over and we went to Red Robin and then saw DeadPool with some other friends. We didn't get the little figure that we were suppose to get, but we did get some posters. DeadPool was AMAZING AND SO FUNNY. I'm so glad they are already making a second one!!!

We ended up having so much time before the movie though... we really thought Red Robin would be super busy but we got a table right away. So we wasted time walking around the stores. At Michaels someone had arranged the letters a certain way, I swear I had nothing to do with it! And at the pet store they had a cool sea anemone balloon thing set up.

We got back home pretty late, ate some pie and watched TV... I wanted to hang out more but grumpy husband wanted to sleep ;) I guess it was like 2:20 in the morning...

Since I had a late night, I slept in! Well, until 10. It felt great.My husband wanted to go get more drugs (cold medication, just to be clear) for his cold (he goes through so much! it's hard to keep a stock pile) and get lunch.

Walking into the grocery store, a group of guys (like seven!) came out each holding a cheesy flower arrangements. Everyone in line was buying chocolates and wine and I was selling my soul for some sudafed. So romantic ;)

After lunch I decided to record a video for my February PopSugar Must Have box and of course Izze was all up in my business.

And the Walking Dead started up again! YAY.


  1. I can't wait till Deadpool comes out for rental. (We are super picky about what movies we see in theaters.)
    Ah, cats. All cats, all the time.

    1. Before Neil, I really didn't go to the movies that often. He loves to see action movies at the theater. We have a good enough set up at home for most anything else, animation especially looks amazing on our tv, so i don't think we will be seeing too many pixar ones away from home. plus he just rips all the dvds from redbox anyways ;)

  2. I really want to see Deadpool! Does the cat only lie on your husband when he is sick? Maybe he's trying to help lol! My husband is sick too but refusing to not work/rest like a normal human being, so I'm just leaving him to it. Normally he would at least take a day off but he says everyone in the office has it so I think it's either some twisted form or revenge or a competition to show he won't be beaten!

    I wonder what people do with the letters? Spell their names or some motivational type stuff probably? I would be tempted to just go for Ass also! ;-)

      Normally that cat is all over me when we are sleeping, so I think it's a few things: he is in bed alone (so she doesn't have me to annoy), he is on MY side (normally he never goes on my side), so the cat is treating him more like me than when he is on his side (she has a bed in the middle of our pillows that she is suppose to sleep in but she sleeps on me instead).

      i'm not sure what the letters are for! the only thing that i can come up with right away is a centerpiece for a wedding with the couples initials?

  3. I can't wait to see Deadpool. I'm hoping later this week. :D

    1. I'm so glad to hear they are planning to make a second one! I was laughing almost the whole film.

  4. You know, I felt kinda cranky this weekend, too. Maybe it's something in the air.

    I love that coffee cup! Or tea cup, I guess would be more appropriate - anyway, it's cute.

    Craft stores are a dangerous place for me. I get super inspired by all of the things I could make. I buy supplies and then they just gather dust at home because I forget how busy I am and I don't really have time to craft. I can keep the dream alive at least. I want to buy some of those letters to spell out Jack's name, paint them red, run lights through them and turn them into circus marquee lights. Initials and monograms are big in the south, so you're likely to see many different crafts utilizing those letters at almost any home here.

    Also, can't wait to see Deadpool (but I'll probably have to get it from Redbox once it's out on DVD).

    1. Coffee cup/tea cup, I use it for both! I bought it in a store downtown Santa Cruz, its my favorite right now!

      The marquee light thing is really in, Michaels had a ton of words and letters already with lights on them. I was kind of tempted to find ones to spell "ass" ;)

  5. Ugh, I MUST see Deadpool, stat!! I had no clue there was a second one in the works! Were there a lot of kids in there when you saw it? Lots of drama happening because parents are idiots LOL

    Hope the husband feels better soon. I think its kind of cute that the cat lays on your husband, but I get feeling uncomfy.

    I love it when people rearrange letters like that.. especially when its a curse word LMAO!!

    Back to Deadpool, what's this little figure you speak of and does everyone get a poster? I want one!! BTW, where'd you get your shirt? Need asap!!

    1. I read online that parents were being dumb. Like, seriously, the R rating doesn't clue you in??? But I'm guessing it was the (very short!) pegging scene 15-20 min in that caused the ruckus, ha.

      Our cats like to get all up in his business which he isn't always in the mood for. I tell him it's cause he has more room on his chest than me ;)

      I'm not sure if the free merch was just for opening weekend and imax or what, the other people in our line didn't even know about it, just after neil went to get our posters. he is always in the know for free stuff. The shirt was from WeLoveFine, they have a TON of cute clothing items for various fandoms!